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What are the reasons for the collapse of the red army of summer 1941? About the generals of the great Patriotic war :.: Article 31.01.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

It was Ridiculous to try in a small article to solve a serious problem, still haven't fully resolved by historians. The beginning of the war the red army lost. The Wehrmacht managed to defeat and destroy the border division and the army took a huge booty. But there are examples of generals who at the beginning of the war in the positions of their divisions managed to stop the German troops. One of the readers of this information have any confusion. They say, how so? Named in different articles, several generals fought not just at the level of the German generals, they even surpassed and ceteris paribus — you just beat, and being surrounded — withdrawal of entrusted connections from the boilers to their. Why in the summer of 1941 the red army was so badly defeated in the border battles, and after already deep in the territory of the Soviet Union? The sad truth is that many generals and marshals of the red army pre-war period were the docks only in the power struggle with rivals and intrigues. Marshal Kulik "famous" in a narrow circle of top generals for their incompetence in military matters and a ban on the production of a number of anti-tank guns. Marshals Budenny, Voroshilov, Timoshenko failed in the summer of 1941 the defense of their assigned fronts, so showing his lack of talent that in the future, to the real front-line Affairs did not allow them. Among top generals the ability to play along and the authorities and produce report to management sverhpredelna picture, "forgetting" about the real problems, it was more than common. Unfortunately, during the war, all these problems were exposed in the summer of 1941. A German fighter-bomber Bf.109E-4B bomb in the horizontal Politeama: the Source, the same pattern was observed in the area of creating new weapons, when "close" to the Olympus of power, the designers prevented their competitors, depriving the red army of modern weapons, if the authors were competitors of designers close to the boss. So, Deputy people's Commissar of the aircraft designer Yakovlev managed to first slow down the development of designer Polikarpov, and then completely stop developing the aircraft I-180 and I-185, which, being successors of the famous prewar I-16, very distinguished in the sky of Spain, had armament, speed and climb rate at the level of the modifications of the Me-109 of the time and would be a worthy opponent to enemy fighters. The aerial shot of fires after the Luftwaffe raids on Minsk on 24-25 June 1941, godatta: Source In terms of this war, the ability to send the user a pleasant report how many worked only 22.06.1941 — German tank wedges have already passed dozens of kilometers on the territory of the USSR, and in Moscow, the General staff, it was reported that the Germans sometimes managed to slightly break into persistent defense of the red army and the command of the district preparing counterattacks to restore the position. In Moscow said the ban when the counterattack to cross the border. And this is the moment when the advanced division had been destroyed, and the Germans began to consider huge trophies! Not too known that major Gavrilov, who commanded at Brest 44th regiment, 23.06 were to appear before a disciplinary Commission, which was "in the party sharply" to condemn his behavior. The fact that the major was preparing his regiment for battle with the Germans, tortured their soldiers exercise in an environment close to combat, forced to dig and often spent his regiment in firing for training soldiers, what caused the damage to the national economy of the USSR. And from serious consequences, removal from command and possible arrest 23.06.41 g major Gavrilov was only saved by the war that began a day earlier. And most of the rest of the regimental commanders followed the orders of the leadership of the district. Therefore, 22.06, they met disarmed. Morally and often financially. After all, when the guns of the division, or its artillery before the war was taken out on the range over 50 km and left there for a workout with the calculations, but without ammunition and without transportation, in the time of the attack of the enemy, they are not a formidable weapon and a great trophy of the Wehrmacht. Captured Soviet heavy tank KV-2 in service in the 269 th infantry division of the Wehrmacht under Leningradtoyota: Source And when, according to the order of the district command, infantry division stands in the way of German such case, being armed only with small arms, for its artillery before the war was transferred to the subordination of the adjacent case — that can make such a division? The experience of the first months of the war showed that it all depends on the commander. The commander can leave his subordinates and escape to the rear, as did many of the generals level, from division commander to commander. And maybe, as the generals Russianow, Boldin, Popiel and some others, to organize the defense, to force the Germans to lose a few days trying to break through the well organized defense, and then to find workarounds, realizing that trying to break here — just a waste of time, effort and equipment. However, in the beginning of the great Patriotic war there were many cases where the General received from his superiors a suicidal order, it only remained to try to execute himself standing in the first ranks of the attackers. So, honestly to die carrying out orders. Alas, not all honest generals, even in death, managed to stay honest in the eyes of the authorities....

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