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How to remove "misery" by Stephen king? :.: Article 01.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Tape "misery" was filmed on the novel by Stephen king 1987. The role of nurses and big fans of the writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan) was played by actress Kathy Bates, which later on was for his role of Oscar. The plot of the book and film the famous writer gets in a car accident and becomes a hostage in the house of the woman who saved his life. At the time of writing books Stephen king suffered from addiction, that is why the author believes the character Annie Wilkes is a kind of metaphor for his "illness". The novel is largely too personal, so the king did not want to trust the adaptation of the man from the side. His first and only choice for the role of Director was Rob Reiner, previously successfully completed the drama "Stand by me" in the story "the Body." Originally the writer wanted to publish the novel under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, but in the process of writing the book, the journalists found out that Bachmann and king are the same person. As a result, the cover is a real name, and Bachmann, according to the author, "died from cancer of the pseudonym". The famous Hollywood actress Bette Midler turned down the role of Annie Wilkes because of the abundance of violence in the script. As later much. Bates should be grateful for the role of screenwriter William Goldman. However, the very future laureate Oscar is also overestimated its strength: when it came time to shoot the famous scene in which the wily nurse immobilizes a "patient" with a sledge hammer, Bates unexpectedly burst into tears. Photo: This episode was worth the film adaptation of "misery" Director: George Roy hill, author of famous Hollywood movies "the sting" and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid", wanted to shoot the scene as it is described in the book, but found common ground with producer and screenwriter. Eventually Rayner took up the post of Director and he has made adjustments to the script, having eased the level of severity. James Caan also got a clip of the film immediately. Before the actor signed the picture "misery", the invitations did his more famous colleagues, including Kevin Klein, Michael Douglas, Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, al Pacino, gene Hakman and Robert Redford. All of these stars are refused, and William hurt — even twice. Warren Beatty almost agreed, but later switched to his directorial project, "dick Tracy". Jack Nicholson rejected the offer for one reason: he's already played a writer in the film adaptation kingovskoy "the Shining" and was not sure that I will be able to enter into this river twice. Frame from the film "misery"Photo: Rob Reiner, in spite of the trust, before romance was not the case. And even "Stand by me", despite all the "anxiety" of the narrative (a group of students goes on a trip to discover the corpse of his age, on the way getting into a different, sometimes unpleasant, situations), in fact, is not a Thriller but a drama. That's why, before you begin shooting "misery", directed carefully studied films of his idol, Alfred Hitchcock. The picture "misery" was filmed in Nevada, in the town of Genoa (not to be confused with the Italian Genoa), which at that time lived less than 1,000 inhabitants. As the local infrastructure for the film desperately lacked, the filmmakers had for their needs to rebuild a cafe, a couple shops and the Sheriff's office. Frame from the movie "misery"Photo: However, the actors themselves, in particular, James Caan, the scale of construction is hardly appreciated, since the vast majority of scenes were filmed in the interiors of the house of Annie Wilkes, a character Kaan was forced constantly to lie in bed. The actor was both glad and not glad, because he had to play the role of a very passive hero. Besides star movies action are not accustomed to the long dialogues and pauses, then primarily as a stage actress, Bates believed in the power of rehearsals. Bates once complained to the Director that her partner does not want to speak dialogues in front of the brace. The Director advised the actress not to waste in vain and irritation to use the negative "for a good cause", that is, at the time of shooting of the next episode. Premiere of "misery" in America took place in late November 1990. With a budget of $ 20 million of Rob Reiner on the first weekend "recaptured" half the cost, and is only earned in world hire more than 60 million that is so intimate, almost theatrical, plot — no doubt, a great success. At the end of 1990 "misery" took 19-th line at the box office, beating out such hits as "Difficult child", "the Good guys" Scorsese, the fifth part of "rocky" and the sequel "Robocop". Frame from the movie "misery"Photo: On the profile for the genres of Thriller and horror film award "Saturn" picture of the five nominations got nothing, but on the more prestigious ceremonies of the "Golden globe" and "Oscar" was won Kathy Bates. Stephen king was so impressed with her play that later, specially for the actress has adapted to the film adaptation of his novel "Dolores Claiborne". In the zero "misery" and got to the Broadway scene. First, one of the producers wanted to draw the lead role of Julia Roberts, however, king spoke out strongly against the candidacy of Hollywood stars, saying "beauty will never be able to play a game of "girls," convincing." In 2015, the show still came out on Broadway. With the participation of Laurie Metcalf and... Bruce Willis. For the latter, this was a theatrical debut, unless you count his attempts to master the theatre in his youth. And "misery" were placed on the stage of the Novosibirsk "red torch" in 1998....

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