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What famous writer Alexander Lomme? :.: Article 01.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Soviet science fiction is fun and quite a unique phenomenon. It is still filmed, on the works of that era continue to defend the dissertation. Of course, the Soviet science fiction writers "first tier" is known to many. Strugatsky brothers, Alexander Kazantsev, Alexander Belyaev, Kir Bulychev — these names on hearing. And how many remember the Soviet science fiction writer Vladimir Osinskiy? Or published in the Soviet Kiev Vladimir Vladko? Or George Of The Shah? Alexander Or Lomma? The last man with a very interesting literary fate. Alexander Lomme is actually the alias of the Czech author Vaclav Nicknames. He was born in the USSR in 1925. Father Wenceslas was a specialist in coal mines and worked in the USSR. These were the years of the NEP, concessions, joint stock companies, and the young Soviet government actively attracted foreign experts for their businesses. Here came the father Wenceslas in Soviet Russia. Alexander Comfoto: the First 12 years of his life little václav lived in the USSR. Of course, he went there to school and had mastered the Russian language. In 1938, the family of the future writer returned to Czechoslovakia (the Czech Republic as a separate state did not yet exist). Then Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia to Germany, then began the Second world... well, father Wenceslas was not up to travel, even for work. After the war, Vaclav was quite an adult and got a job at one of the mines in Czechoslovakia. Went, so to speak, in his father's footsteps. And in 1955, thirty years Vaclav wrote my first story, but it so happened that he was published only in 1980. the Story belonged to fiction and was inspired by the sophisticated work of young Wenceslas mine. As recalled later by himself, václav, his first literary experience was unnoticed to all but him. In 1958 Vaclav Nickname decided due to the excellent knowledge of the Russian language (as well as sincere respect for the USSR) to create in the Russian language. And then he took the pseudonym Alexander Lomme. Fortune smiled on the author of fraternal Czechoslovakia, Lomma began to publish in the USSR. In particular, the "pioneer truth" and existing still a very respected magazine "the Seeker". Lomme successfully published in the USSR in Russian language. Of course, the circulation of his books was less than that of the masters of the genre. And works of the Czech author of the left behind less. The cover of the book "Night eagle" In 1973 the publishing house "Children's literature" is not very large (by then standards) with a circulation of 100 000 copies released a collection Lomma "Night eagle". In this book, were combined 2 fiction, 3 fiction story, and 2 adventure works. One of them — the story "dark city," another story "Devils in the forge". It should be noted that during the life of Lomma first gently and then more and more criticized in primitive, a schematic, excessive admiration for the Soviet reality. Perhaps now, after 26 years after his death, his works seem to be too naive, but he wrote them quite frankly! Take, for example, the story "Night eagle". The story is about a Soviet paratrooper, who was able to fly with the help of his will, without any devices, and thus to smash the Nazis in the Czech Republic. Now we will say: "...but it's a Superman kind Spiderman...yeah, another Flash Gordon..." — and so on. Perhaps he Lomme and read some American comics that could have made him the idea of creating a "Night eagle". However, this story is not devoid of some naive, quite worthy to read it now. The back cover of the book "Giant of the abyss" Or, say, the work of "Fantastic transformation of dick Murray". In it you can see the line referring to "Food of the gods" by Hg wells. But at the same time, with the obvious similarities, the novel Lomma is not devoid of originality and a childlike. In the second half of the 70-ies of XX century Lomme, oddly enough, began to write and in the Czech language. Prior to that, he wrote in Russian! In addition, Lomme was engaged in literary transfers. In particular, he translated into Czech his novel "Night eagle", and it happened only in 1981. Roman "Drion left the earth" Lomme had already prepared in two versions: in Russian and Czech. And popular in his time "In the name of Metaloona" once was created in Czech. Alexander died Lomme in 1993 already in the Czech Republic, when he carried out a peaceful "divorce" between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And, of course, he did not find the Internet age, when his somewhat naive and romantic works became available to a wide range of readers... ...

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