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How to boost your energy? 1. Setting body :.: Article 01.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Complaints of constant fatigue, weakness, lack of energy, lack of energy, which can now be heard almost at every step, this is not a fad. This is the sad reality. Many people have almost all the power goes to cope with at least the minimum required cases. And about something more serious and "great" they are long and not thinking. But the availability of energy and its quantity is the parameter, which is very amenable to adjustment. How? This article is about just that. In the first part of the let's look at the basic condition to maintain vigor, without which you will not be able not to manage your energy, but you will not even access it. This condition — the quality of your physical condition. To assess how important the physical condition, recall, for example, as you wrote some big report after a sleepless night. Restore in the memory of their bodily sensations, emotional state, level of concentration and efficiency at that time. Usually people in this situation are experiencing a feeling of weakness, lethargy, depression, heaviness in the whole body. They think that their head is filled with some impenetrable fog. They are unable to focus even on simple things. Any, even the simplest thing they perceive as complicated. And the task for which they usually spend a few minutes, they may take half a day. Photo: Depositphotos Now restore in his bodily memory the opposite situation — when you had slept, fresh and focused as ever. In this case, you like the wings were flying and the sea you seemed to be knee-deep, isn't it? That's why bringing your body in order — this is where you have to start to get access to their energy reserves, restore and replenish them. And it's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. First, you must always take care of your sleep — time and quality. Will not sleep — will begin to feel overwhelmed and helpless. In this state energy is simply nowhere to take, so all your brilliant ideas and good undertakings will remain in your head. With regard to the optimal duration of healthy sleep, they usually talk about eight hours. But there are people who have to sleep, need to sleep nine or ten hours, and someone six or seven is enough. In this setting, focus is always on characteristics and needs of her own body. But in order to ensure the quality of sleep, follow a few simple conditions. Photo: Depositphotos Ventilate the bedroom before going to sleep: cool air will fill the room with oxygen, destroys various pathogenic organisms and set up your body for sleep (for comparison, remember how hard it is to sleep in the summer heat). Take dream hot relaxing bath (it also prepares your body for sleep). And, of course, drink too close to bedtime sedative fees — you can buy them at the pharmacy or make your own if you understand this. Actually, this is the basic steps that will allow you to take care of your sleep. Secondly, to maintain good physical condition, it is important to learn how to track those tensions that exist in the body, and remove them. That is to relax your body, learn to relax your brain. It is also very important, because if in your head you are in a continuous battle with someone or something, to relax your body you just can't. Photo: Depositphotos thirdly, adequate, feasible you physical stress will also help to keep the body in good shape. Because when it's in good shape, not only will not allow you to sink into melancholy and apathy, but instead will push you to action. Noticed this after a good run or, for example, after a contrast shower? Agree, this is generally very nice condition — when you feel every cell of your body, when you feel it surge of energy and life. By the way, this exercise can be not only a run or the gym, but unpleasant to many people working at home or at the cottage. However, if you look at it not as a burden, but as a kind of training and focus on the pleasant bodily sensations (and they certainly are nice, though you don't just feel it will), then your attitude even cleaning the house will change radically. Well, a surge of energy, of course, will be provided to you. The first step is to adjust the body. Establish sleep and exercise, nagruzkami: Depositphotos so, the first step on the way to the treasure, which the hidden energies is a "setting" of your body, bringing order to your physical condition. The next step will be "setting up" its internal state, search and target selection, which will awaken a volcano of energy, and, of course, the use of effective methods of achieving this goal. But this is the second part of the article. To be continued......

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