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Rhetoric. Why is it important to overcome self-centeredness? :.: Article 01.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

We went to the most important part of any public speech. Storytelling does not warrant the attention of listeners, viewers, readers. Society is changing rapidly in the age of information technology less space is left for the monologue, if this monologue does not solve the problems of the consumer. Go to the fifth part of the article is easy to say but hard to be heard. There are many sites who are interested in popular content, where everyone has the opportunity for self-realization. Self-centered, she has no chance of success. The main problem is that children's thinking is egocentric in nature. Swiss psychologist Jean piaget proved that the child's thinking other than the thinking adult. Egocentrism peculiar to his nature. It manifests itself in the continuity of ideas about self and the world. The baby perceives itself as the center of the universe. "The sun is coming for me. The woods that I walked there". The child is physiologically difficult to imagine that there is a different view, a different view. The child believes that the forest needed to it, gularte: Depositphotos Illustrative example, when the child is asked to name objects placed before him on the spinning slide. The kid sees only one part of the mountain. Opposite put a toy that "looks" to another part, for other items. In response to the question that he sees a toy, child name visible to them now items. Turn the slide, and the answer is repeated. Egocentric perception complicates the development of empathy — sympathy, empathy. And this, in turn, prevents the communication. How to help a child to understand, to feel another person, to see the world through different eyes? Talk with your child about a movie or knightt: Depositphotos Dominant position in this process is reading art books, watching films, performances with the discussion. Try often to ask about the experiences of the characters: — How do you think Cinderella felt when she took to the prom?— Why crying Alenushka? Role-playing, theatrical performances are able to immerse your child in a different way, so they are important for children's development. Well, if this process involves all family members, friends of the child. You can write a script, think about costumes. Director, writer, costumer, producer — worthy roles of the new game. It is useful to invent stories, tales, poems, "chelovechina" animals, toys, inanimate world. Children are very useful to participate in spectulate: Depositphotos There is an artistic technique where one event is shown through the eyes of different characters. A good play in this transformation story — retell a familiar story or make up a new story. Fragment of "Turnip" in a new way the Story of his grandfather. "In the spring I decided to grow a turnip. Bought the seeds, took advice of the seller. All summer cared for the turnip — watered, weeded. By the fall grew a huge vegetable. Pulling, pulling, not coming. I already had the break, and water poured all! Had to call his grandmother. And my grandmother is deaf, could hardly wait. Finally broke away from the pots, came to the garden. I picked up the turnip, but the grandmother in me took hold. Pull it together. What is, does not give the offending vegetable. Had to call granddaughter. Ran soon, feet young. I for the turnip, grandmother for me, the granddaughter for the grandmother—. Well, what can you do? Granddaughter suggested that I call our dog, Bug. Caught the Bug for the granddaughter, the granddaughter for the grandma, the grandma for me, and I was a turnip, the turnip did not move. Wanted to go home, and then our cat came running. The cat does not like Bugs, but for the sake of the common cause they had forgotten the quarrel. But the cat did not help. Quite already desperate, and then the mouse sneaks across the garden. Saw our mess Yes on the tail of a cat hung. A cat from a mouse courage clung to the Bug, Bug for the granddaughter, the skirt pulls, they say, look what the mouse went. Granddaughter grandmother shook, and she me. And I for turnip held. Feel went our Repka. Pull, pull, now the tail. Pulled out the turnip!" Task — to tell this tale from a person grandmother, granddaughter, Bugs, cat and mouse. Enroll your child in a creative, cruzatte: Depositphotos Independent study: rhetoric well combined with the public statements of the child. Write it in a creative circle, participate in activities of children's institutions, organize house concerts. You can organize the video and see family. Class rhetoric not just develop it, teach communications, but also instill relevant skills, foster empathy. ...

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