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Okinawa: how nature gets on with the war? :.: Article 01.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Word Americana is used in different meanings, but often these represent the idealized American way of life. The attributes of the "American dream." Or just a love for American cars, American food, American music and culture. Japanese Okinawa in this plan is amazing. The island's residents regularly protest against the US military base left over from the Second world war, but the love of Americana is more than in the rest of Japan. The streets are named after States in the USA, restaurants — American style 50's and 60's of the twentieth years, and the number of vintage cars from America, Okinawa can compete even with Cuba! After all 27 years of the postwar occupation somehow cleverly invernali consciousness of the local population. Okinawa is the largest island of the homonymous Prefecture and the Ryukyu archipelago. Once the archipelago was an independent state (the monarchy of Ryukyu), but in the nineteenth century finally obeyed Japan. Today the island is famous as a resort with white sand beaches and subtropical forests. Green so much, that the buildings and rivers surrounded by vegetation. But in the war the Americans bombed very hard the island. But nature has managed to recover, although after the war some forests were cut down for farms which were built to provide food to soldiers the very base of the United States. Part of the farm still exists, although the island is completely returned to the Japanese in 1972. Okinawae: Narrow Okinawa Prefecture stretches about a hundred kilometers from South to North. Tourists mainly settle near the coast, the result of depriving yourself of pleasure to enjoy the evergreen broad-leaved forests in the North of the island. These interesting places are called Yanbaru, and there remained a few of the latter in Asia subtropical forests with unique flora and fauna. Officially, the marine corps of the United States control of Anbar, but barriers to walking usually does not occur. You can wander in the forests for a long time and not meet a single person. Once it was a military camp, but adapted to the educational institution and conducting lectures about the importance of nature conservation. Here is just a small list of natural attractions is a unique endangered species of the island: Amber-Queen, or the flightless Okinawa rail.Tree-climbing rabbit.Triton Andersen.Secretive and dagger frogs.The Okinawa woodpecker. Okinawa, detailfoto: Source Last bird was especially unlucky. Woodpeckers are regularly killed because of low-flying military aircraft, and their nests being destroyed for the construction of helipads. Climbing, safoto: Momotarou2012, But climbing the hare himself was the cause of the destruction of another species of animal: the government organized extermination of living on the Islands of the archipelago, Javanese mongooses, so they do not hunt hares. The fact that mongooses in the world are so many environmentalists do not see the threat to their existence, so they can destroy as they want. Another local landmark — in the waters of Okinawa inhabits the most interesting animal is the dugong. He was a relative completely destroyed by the man Steller cow. Dugong to destroy it, even now guarded. Mining is allowed only to the natives who hunt them with harpoons from boats. Dughetto: Julien Willem the Subtropical climate ensures mild winter: in Okinawa, the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees. The sea coral reefs are among the most beautiful in the region. Unusual fact: the Okinawans rarely eat fish and seafood. Why? Accurate explanation, but it was believed that the hot climate of the island did not allow long to store the catch. Plus, the relatively cooler waters near the Islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, the sea of Okinawa is not as rich marine fauna. But I love pork, which is reflected in the two local terms: "Okinawa cuisine begins with pig and ends with pig"."The pig you can eat everything except the hooves and squealing". So it is not surprising a strong difference Okinawan dishes from the Japanese. Meals in General resemble the Chinese, because the Ryukyu Kingdom had long been a vassal of China. From drinks on the island served not only modern alcohol like beer "Orion", but an ancient alcoholic drink made from rice malt — Awamori. Local food is considered one of the "medicine against old age." The fact that the Islands are an incredibly large number of centenarians. So drink Awamori and eat more GOI (bitter melon) with pork, liberally seasoning it with turmeric. Museum Himagregat: Source of Going to Okinawa, you can't pass by Himeyuri Museum, which is dedicated to the three-month battle for the island. Then killed about a third of the civilian population of the island. Near the Museum is the peace Memorial Park, which clearly shows the horrors of war, from which the island is still not free. ...

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