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What foreign series of the XXI century should look? Part 8. "The bridge", "Lillehammer" :.: Article 01.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

As a rule, about detectives, produced in Scandinavia, expressed a radically different opinion. Some praise them for their dark, "atmospheric" and even the beauty of natural scenery. Others (not without reason) say that they are not dark and dreary, not atmospheric, but boring. Go to the seventh part of the article Particularly surprising unwanted attention Scandinavian artists to all kinds of perversions in the human psyche. Sometimes it seems that the people almost the most prosperous countries of Europe just want to tickle your nerves. Almost like a Russian folk tale, where a Fox made birds to feed, drink, laugh, and at the end wanted to frighten her. What the Scandinavians have managed to create in the detective genre its original style is definitely a plus. However, for me personally, this style has never attracted. Foreign movies like "Girl with the dragon tattoo" or series "the Murder" seemed to be rather depressnyake, painful and tedious (notice I did not say that they are poorly shot, etc.). "The bridge / Bron" (2011-2018) Recommended translation: at your discretion, personally, I watched "BaibaKo". The cover of the disc with the TV series "the Bridge" the Reason I started to watch the Swedish / Danish series "the Bridge", was the dispute between my sister and second cousin. Their opinions about the pictures so dispersed, that I decided to render their verdict. It would seem that "Most" possessed all those qualities that I don't like. The action was unhurried and the atmosphere gloomy (sometimes it seems that in Scandinavia, the sun never comes out from behind the grey shroud). However, since the first series TV series has managed to firmly rivet my attention. First, here is a very original beginning. On the bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark find the corpse cut in half, folded... of two parts of different women. It lies exactly in the middle of the border of the two countries, so the investigation is taken, the Swedish detective Saga Noren and Danish detective Martin Ruda. Unfortunately, the difference in mentality between Swedes and Danes for our audience is almost imperceptible, so the jokes around this topic difficult to grasp. However, the main characters — not just citizens of different countries but very different personalities. As for me, the main charm of the series lies in the manner the Saga. Yes, this image is not too believable, but he certainly does not "fabulous" Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe. Saga girl, roughly speaking, "frostbite" on his head. It seems that she is devoid of emotions and reminds of the robot, acting according to the instructions and other "it". Beyond her work, she is incapable of ordinary human interaction — even with men she just boil down to the satisfaction of natural needs. Fortunately, the creators have avoided the temptation to finally turn the girl into a "terminator" — Yes, she's a good COP, but not superhuman. Of course, the relationship Saga with her new partner Martin are not simple. But here the authors of the "Bridge" has not gone the way of proven cliche, when partners are constantly scandals, teasing each other or even fall in love. On the contrary — Martin refers to the Saga as a wise elder friend: patronizes her, trying to awaken the girl as normal human feelings. A special praise deserves the denouement of the series. The main surprise was not so much the identity of the offender as his motivation. Full "happy ending" we will not meet. Everything I said above relates to the first season of "the Bridge" — that's what I recommend for viewing. And although the series has continued, the remaining seasons came out much less interesting. Largely because the "arc of character" the Saga turned into a "circle". If at the end of the 1st season we see the girl's personality begins to change at the beginning of the 2nd meet almost the same frostbitten "robot" with minor amendments. Well, Martin place so no one to replace and couldn't... the Idea of a "Bridge" immediately attracted the filmmakers of other countries. Was shot as many as three of the remake. One corpse found on the bridge between the U.S. and Mexico in the other — in the underwater tunnel linking France and the UK, in the third — on the bridge between Estonia and Russia. But none of the remakes to surpass the original and could not. Yes, there was more freedom for jokes about different mentalities. But the main advantage of the "Bridge" — image of the Saga (which in the original were brilliantly realized by Sofia Helin), no one failed. "Lillehammer / Lilyhammer" (2012-2014) Recommended translation: definitely Yuri Serbin. The poster of the series "Lillehammer" "Lillehammer" can not be attributed to the genre of typical Scandinavian series. First, Norway filmed it together USA, and the impact of the Americans is much stronger. Second, it's mostly a Comedy, again built on the clash of different mentalities. Well, no realism here does not smell. The plot of the series is. The American mafia decides to take the feds his boss and to escape from the vengeance of his former colleagues on the dangerous business, moves to the Norwegian town of Lillehammer. On the one hand, he is fascinated by the tranquility of the Norwegians and their friendliness. On the other hand constantly annoyed by excessive tolerance and gentleness of the locals. Norwegian prisons are reminiscent of the holiday home, the brigade for the protection of the rule of law has nothing to do with the presumptuous teenagers, and local crime was more amused than scared. Honestly, I would place the Norwegians a little offended. Yes, they are depicted in the series with warmth and sympathy, but sometimes like a toothless infantile idiots. However, the series is very funny and quite good (but of course not for family viewing). Particularly successful first season and half the second. The main role is played by the American actor and musician Steven van Zandt, who is known for the famous crime series "the Sopranos." For those who wonder why "the Sopranos" was not included in my selection of films, misleading: I have not yet looked. Many say that it is very good (especially as translated by Dmitry Puchkov). That's all for now. The turn — detective series in the UK....

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