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Where's the big breakthrough in the future...

MQL5: Blogs Traders 31.01.2019 at 06:36

Blogs traders and analyst of financial markets

In this small article to save your time and energy, yet few people think, I want to say about the effective use of various sources of so-called associated energy, friction, sliding, rotation, and now from use and conservation of the vast arrays of digital information... Here's take a simple use of Dynamo machines, all kinds of generators and piezoelectricity, after all, the wheelset could be in the rotation to be used as generators for lighting of cars or vehicles to recharge the batteries. And to take the weight and ground pressure loaded formulations, it's mind-boggling how much is spent and lost this precious and much needed energy. But in saving and rational use of every energy source there is, as I understand it, breakthrough in the future. The future would take us in without this prudent use of every watt and even a milliwatt of energy consumed...