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The rating of Russian companies by market capitalization

MQL5: Blogs Traders 31.01.2019 at 15:16

Blogs traders and analyst of financial markets

2018 first issued for the Russian companies is very difficult - capitalization of the top 100 companies in the country fell by $54 billion (8.3 per cent) to $592 billion.

While the newcomers in the list quite a bit – just 7. In addition, the leader has changed, as well as the composition of the first three, the first time in 2014.

so, the "strong" capitalization of Russian companies - "Rosneft", it is $65 billion, which means an increase for the year of 22.5%.

the Second position is "Sberbank" - a former leader with $54 billion Given that 2017 th this is the largest Bank of Russia made up $84 billion, you can not speak about the successful work of "Rosneft", and not a good "savings".

Closes the three largest companies - "LUKOIL", which is pushed out of the top three long-time leader in terms of capitalization, Gazprom. The office of Miller, now on 4-th position.