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Above market not to go!

MQL5: Blogs Traders 01.02.2019 at 15:12

Blogs traders and analyst of financial markets

Session 31 January, the Russian stock market ended the next update a historical maximum on an index of Masuri. Concurrently, there were technical signs that the bullish momentum. Better than the market traded securities of the financial sector, the worse it looked for transport. Trading volume was 54% above the average for the last 30 days and accounted for 49 213 million rubles gainers came RUSAL (+3,81), Yandex (+2,55%) and FGC UES (JSC: +2,52%). The list of outsiders was headed by TMK (JSC: -2,19%), the PEAK (JSC: -1,81%) and Gazprom (JSC: -1,56%). Meetings of the Board of Directors today will guide Bank Vozrozhdenie, Nickel and Quadra. Brent in rubles on January 24 fell by 1.05% to 3 996,59. Rate for overnight credit Mosprime has decreased by 2 b.p. and made up 7.96%. Yesterday, the ruble continued to strengthen, along with other EM currencies. The reason for this is the softening of rhetoric of the fed's meeting. This has not prevented even that from today, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation about 18% took