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The economy sees the light at the end of the tunnel

MQL5: Blogs Traders 01.02.2019 at 15:14

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Another portion of macroeconomic statistics of Rosstat has not traditionally brought good news. In December, retail trade turnover in Russia grew by 2.3% yoy at the average annual rate of 2.6% yoy. In the structure index of the food segment increased by 1.8% yoy, while non-food goods gained 2.8% yoy, which was the worst result for the last three quarters. As you can see, the situation in retail has deteriorated. But dig deeper. Source: data of Rosstat. According to consulting company Romir, for the last four weeks of last year the daily expenses of Russian citizens consistently lagged behind the level of 2017. And the situation in the first week of 2019, the worse indicators of 2018. Dynamics of nominal weekly daily expenditures (in rubles) of the inhabitants of Russian cities with the population from 100 thousand inhabitants Source: Romir. Approximately the same conclusions follow from the analysis of the dynamics of weekly average check. Dynamics of weekly average ticket (in RUR) Source: Romir. So the Russians since the end of proslog