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Movie review to "Save Leningrad" Reviews 27.01.2019 at 23:08

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The film tells the story of one of the episodes of the siege of Leningrad. A young couple in love sent to the infamous "barge 752" across lake Ladoga in the hope to escape from the besieged city. On the way to rescue the pair will face not only with human cruelty, but also with the incredible power of nature.

it's Hard not to notice how in recent times leaves a lot of suspicion, to put it mildly, questionable Patriotic war films aimed at raising the Patriotic spirit. Someone takes as a basis the firmness of the Soviet soldiers in the battle for Stalingrad and the hour and a half video clip from someone in the focus is known since school, legend twenty-eight "Panfilov heroes"; some even play on the hype surrounding the network computer games, removing the clumsy agitation, where the main hero is not even human, and technology – silent, steel and deadly tank. The baton from the patriots at this time, intercepts Director Alexei Kozlov, who, in his feature debut, has decided to tell the story of the siege of Leningrad. Telling about the tragedy of the isolated city, which killed over a million people, the film is not the most ambitious episode of the siege chronicle – the fate of the sunken in the waters of lake Ladoga barges, which was to evacuate the besieged city.

the scene from the movie "to Save Leningrad"

the Story starts in our time with the memories of an elderly woman in a wheelchair that leads sentimental story about the events that led her on Board the doomed ship. In the pre-trailer for the film discernible reference to the opus by James Cameron. It should be noted, restless quoting "Titanic" here borders on outright plagiarism: in addition to the story on behalf of the old woman in the picture predictably appears a young couple in love, which way to face the evil captain of the NKVD; exactly like Cameron when the barge starts to sink in the hold will play the orchestra; in the picture even has its own version of the brilliant "heart of the ocean" a wristwatch-like main character. At a press conference dedicated to the release of "to Save Leningrad", directed very sharply reacted to the comparison with "Titanic", completely denying any similarity. Well, the main and, perhaps, the most annoying difference between the "Save Leningrad" from the recipient of eleven awards "Oscar" is that the film Kozlov is not too rich in emotions. It would seem that such films should be about what horror people experience in the face of death, and what are they willing to go to save themselves and their loved ones, but instead an epic drama about human loss, the Director made a cool tape about a rusty ship with inexpressive actors extras on Board.

the scene from the movie "to Save Leningrad"

Despite the spectacular scene of the military battle and crowded the barge, there is absolutely nothing to hold onto, to feel the full extent of the tragedy. "Save Leningrad" consists of a series of poorly connected episodes. Sometimes it's a disaster movie about the tragedy on the barge, sometimes it's mediocre movie about the military battles with the Nazis out of town, sometimes the plot puts in a very awkward melodrama about the captain of the NKVD, which is far-fetched reasons, followed a young couple on the background of the unfolding tragedy. Uncover the history of the full the Director succeeded with great difficulty. Jumping from one storyline to another, it seems he can't decide what his film is about: the fate of thousands of people for "saving" the barge, about the battle for the "road of life" or all the same about lovers in which on the way to their happiness always obstacles arise.

the scene from the movie "to Save Leningrad"

Initially, the film had the working title "Barge 752". During the development process it was renamed the "Save Leningrad". Probably this name was dictated by the 75th anniversary of the Leningrad blockade, and maybe the Studio just decided to play on associations with a different famous movie. The editing and camera work here is not accidentally reminiscent of "Saving private Ryan" by Steven Spielberg. The infamous press conference Kozlov excitedly admitted how much he was proud of the battle scene, and how he seriously intends to send this episode to the Spielberg. If the "Mail of Russia" will be able to deliver after a couple years the flash drive with the movie in Hollywood, polite Spielberg may praise Kozlov, but most likely will do it with the indulgence with which usually parents praise the child who finally learned how to use a spoon. Diligently follow the American classics of Russian nugget really have learned. Now it remained only to realize, as with all of this cultural baggage and the talent of the copyist to start to make their own for nothing like the movie.

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