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Scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich

Blog Yandex 31.01.2019 at 07:40

Blog Yandex

Yandex has established a prize for achievements in computer science. She will receive the name Ilya Segalovich, co-founder and Creator of the first version of the search engine. The purpose of this award is to support young scientists and research managers from universities and research institutes of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

the Prize will be annually awarded to those who have achieved significant results in the profile for Yandex fields of computer science. It's machine learning, computer vision, information retrieval and data analysis, natural language processing and machine translation, speech recognition and speech synthesis.

the First award ceremony will take place in April of this year. We will present the award in two categories: young researchers and research leaders. To become an applicant, you have until February 28 to fill in a form on the website and tell about their scientific achievements. There you can nominate for the award its neutrala.

How the world of computer Sciences: publications, magazines, speeches at conferences

In the Council of the award will include heads of Yandex, headed by Arkady Volozh and scientists and mathematicians Ilya Muchnik and Stanislav Smirnov. Together with the competition Commission the Council will determine the winners. Jury will consider publications, presentations in conferences and contribution of candidates to the development of the scientific community.

the award Ceremony will be held in Moscow. We will invite the winners and contestants included in the shortlist. The total budget of the prize is 15 million rubles. Laureates undergraduate and graduate students will receive 350 thousand, and supervisors — for 700 thousand rubles.

the Award is named after Segalovich is not only financial support. Young scientists can count on the full assistance of Yandex. We will provide the winners of the computing resources for research projects, take them to the international conference on artificial intelligence will introduce you to leading experts and invite for an internship in the research Department — our home science lab. There are technologies for Alice, unmanned vehicles and other advanced products and services Yandex.

the Award will be presented along with the scholarship name Segalovich, Yandex which established in 2014. The scholarship is given to undergraduate and graduate students of the faculty of computer Sciences of the higher school of Economics, who make their first steps in big science.

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