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Why they want to ban mobile phones in schools

Question - answer - Legal advice 28.01.2019 at 17:55

Question - answer - Legal advice


Russian teachers are already accustomed to the fact that any lesson can be

"open". And in the whole country. Wave videos,

demonstrating school conflicts that swept the social network. In Naberezhnye

Chelny after a series of such "videoescandalo" officials decided to protect

teachers from provocations. Here we intend to introduce a rule: hand over a mobile phone

before the lesson.

"we Have a good example in school No. 26, where

at the time of the lesson students will be able to leave your mobile phone in a special

the cell and pick it up after the lessons, - says the head

Department of education Naberezhnye Chelny Wiener Kharisov. - The decision

taken in conjunction with the parent Committee. This practice we will

use in other schools.

Students accustomed to intellectual independence, and in this business not the assistant