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"On a visit to the Yeti" or "non-Payers in Nepal". Part 2: passes PKT to La and Tonak La, valley Lusanna..

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With the increase of the height of the nights the temperature sank lower. Now we were already at the height of 4900 m, and I began to feel that not only overestimated the capabilities of your sleeping bag, but also your own. In our tent triple the pleasure of sleep received, it seems only Yura, whose sleeping bag weighed more than 2 kg (for a sleeping bag look - and getting warmer). As for Messner, that, if to describe our night of feeling in one succinct word, we languished. I nostalgically remembered the store "The North Face" in Kathmandu, where went just before going, felt good down bags, but whether to splurge on Finance, or relied on the vitality of the body - and left with empty hands. Now I'm saved only by the puff, which I hid at the top. Here it I do have 5 points (sorry, "Tramontana" has stopped selling this model). The length of a sponge, taking account of the hood enough just from the breast to the knee. Thanks to her, I survived :)