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Milan failed to disclose did not affect the game Napoli

Naples Slavonic 03.02.2019 at 11:56

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The Players and the fans of Napoli, of course, remember the first round match between the teams in Genoa, when the "Sampdoria" is literally rendered "azurri" under 3:0. Now available on "go" in Naples, but in the other direction.

Napoli – Sampdoria 3:0 (2:0)

goals: Milik, 25, Insigne, 26, Verdi, 89, from a penalty

Napoli: Meret, Husi, M., Coulibaly, Rui, Callejón, Allan, Hamsik (Diawara, 74), Zieliński, Insigne (Verdi, 83), Milik (Unas, 90)

the Arbitrator Luke Pairetto (Nichelino).

Naples, Stadio San Paolo

the Neapolitan squad twice in a row flew to Milan and there, in two matches, not scoring a single goal and got two in the gate, passing were eliminated from the Italian Cup. Its better spirit, however, Carlo Ancelotti was able to gather his team for the clash with Sampdoria, and she did not leave any chance of a strong and driven opponent.

the Key to the match was a short span in two minutes, when the Neapolitans scored two goals. Counter-attack of the Neapolitans, by the book, with flanking pass to josé Callejón and amazing cut out pass to Arkadiusz milik of allowed "azurri" open the scoring.

And then: again a great pass of Callejón and accurate shot Lorenzo Insigne in the bottom corner, Audero.

the Owners have created a comfortable enough advantage and continued to dominate on the field. At the end of the match Joachim Andersen held her hand under the far beat Peter Zieliński and the referee awarded a penalty.

Barely appeared on the field Simone Verdi well-executed 11-metre blow, scoring his second goal in the blue shirt of Napoli.

Striker "Napoli" Lorenzo Insigne:

- I was a little upset. Sorry missed all their chances. But usually the implementation of it fails me. But today I managed to score, and it soothes. We showed good football, as it did in the Surry", according to the Sky Sport.

the Goalkeeper "Napoli" Alex Meret:

- We won a clear victory, and it was a beautiful response to the criticism, which got the team these days. Our team has never been in crisis, despite all the talk some people. It is quite normal that during the season are not the best moments, but the team is alive and we continue our way. This time we carefully prepared for the game. Napoli acted tightly, and personally, I almost never really joined the game, the dangerous attacks from the opponent followed. Thanks for this defensive line, which played very effectively. We must follow only ourselves to continue to show the maximum and to move confidently in the championship.

the head coach of "Napoli" Carlo Ancelotti:

- I Have a serious and self-critical players. They do not need punishment to play well. We competently prepared for the fight, controlled the game, moved quickly to the attack. We played well today, a draw against Milan was quite normal after the match. The only bad match was a Cup match against Milan.

the Neapolitans scored 51 points adrift of leader Juventus on 9 points.

His next match in the Series And the team Carlo Ancelotti will hold the 9th of February in Florence, doing well, Fiorentina.

Yuri luchitsky

for "Naples Slavic"