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In Italy, Nigerian refugee has committed suicide - he was denied a residence permit

Naples Slavonic 04.02.2019 at 08:16

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A Refugee from Nigeria, Prince Jerry, have arrived in Italy by boat two years ago, killed herself because of the refusal to issue a residence permit.

the Prince Jerry, 25 years old, was a graduate of the chemistry University in Italy he continued his studies after he arrived by boat with migrants from Libya two and a half years ago. In mid-January, his petition for residence was rejected, the young man "went into a deep depression," according to his friends, reported IA REGNUM .

Photograph: @jovinow / Twitter

the Italian Authorities rejected hundreds of petitions for registration. And recently, migrants began to displace from the center. Approved in December the decree of the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini denies migrants have received official refugee status, humanitarian assistance.

"When migrants come to Europe, they are often injured due to the brutal policies against them, which reduces their rights, but also because of the atmosphere of hatred and racism, propagated by the media. And all this exacerbates the sense of helplessness and exile," reports Lillian Pizzi, a psychologist from Rome.