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Lada Niva Plein Soleil again appeared on the market in Italy. Photos, Videos

Naples Slavonic 05.02.2019 at 08:17

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Rare model Soviet SUV VAZ-2121 "Lada Niva Plein Soleil" was put up for sale in the automotive market of Italy.

In Italy for sale put up an interesting version of the Soviet SUV VAZ-2121 (the export name of Lada Niva) 1989 model year with the cabriolet version of one of the European tuning Studio. The car is very similar to a variant of the French company Lebranchu, which were sold through a dealer network Poch, reports .

This copy was first sold in the Italian city of Siena and spent most of his life in Tuscany . It is equipped with a standard 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine producing 76 HP and 4-speed transmission. In 2018, the back of a car fully repainted at the factory in Italy Giallo Exploit.

Lada Niva, a converted French coach building company Lebranchu, called Plein Soleil, which literally translated to "under the sun". They began to release in the early 80-ies of the XX century. The car was manufactured on relatively simple technology — just cut off the rear part of the roof, and to compensate for its absence increased the remaining force elements to the body structure.

At the bottom of the window line in the back of the sofa was varibales two channels, which were connected to each other by decoy, forming a section of roof. First Lada Niva Plein Soleil show in 1982.

the car was supposed two tent covering the body from the weather. First, multi-layered dark winter ; the second is thin and light, it was supposed to wear in the summer. The awning is folded manually behind the rear seatback. According to official data up to 1989 has sold about 1000 of these convertibles.

on the basis of the Soviet Car "Niva" VAZ-2121


Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio

In 1983, commissioned by the German importer Vazov company Deutsche Lada Automobil GmbH Atelier GWS has developed an open car Lada Niva Cabrio.The car completely lost the usual roof, and for making the carrier body of sufficient rigidity used a tubular frame.

Deutsche Lada Niva Kosak

In 1985, the year for the German market was released in limited modification Niva Kosak. The so-called sondermodell, we have a special limited (200 copies) version of the "Deutsche Lada" different body kit and a number of options (e.g., fog lights): the machine was offered in a closed body and a convertible.

Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio

Since 1985 until the early 90s "Deutsche Lada" offers its customers more Spartan version of the convertible. This time the transformation of a private body in open order were engaged in the German company Thiele GmbH Spezialfahrzeugbau from the city of Bremen. The convertible was offered in two versions: Cabrio (Cabrio or UT) and L. Cabrio Version of UT is characterized by a lack of rear seat and was a utilitarian two-seater convertible.

Deutsche Lada Niva California

in Addition to the fully open convertibles in Europe also have proposed a simplified design for the lovers to feel the open sky above. Since 1981, Deutsche Lada has offered a special model NIva California with a huge fabric sunroof on the entire value of the roof. A similar version (212101) was available until 2009!