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The comedian in the presidential race: the Ukrainians called Zelensky "Putin's ear"

MComp 06.02.2019 at 17:59

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

The Entertainer posted a video of the results of the contest "feykometov". So he calls false news about yourself.

Vladimir Zelensky said in Instagram about the most ridiculous information that the Ukrainians were circulated about him. The locals called the artist "the reptilians", a lover of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Viktor Yanukovych has made a plastic surgery and "the ear of Vladimir Putin." Politician Irina Lutsenko said that Zelensky will receive 35 million rubles out of Russia for the video about the "funeral" of Petro Poroshenko. In addition to all of the comedian called a descendant of a family of Jewish bankers the Rothschilds.

After the artist decided to participate in the presidential race, Ukrainian media paid much attention to his person. Policy, referring to reliable sources, I think Zelensky protege of billionaire Igor Kolomoisky, who had lost influence under the rule of Poroshenko. There is a perception that in the US too support the comic. Supporters of Donald trump advocate Zelensky and Yulia Tymoshenko. Poroshenko have weak support in the UK.

However, London is now the first place is the issue of withdrawal from the EU, not the presidential elections of Ukraine. So we can talk about weak support Poroshenko in the West. Washington does not matter which of the candidates will take the presidency in Kiev. For US more important that the candidate has adhered to their policy. Now in Ukraine there are at least a dozen.

Relative chances Zelensky commented the ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. Now, many scientists have criticized the comedian for wanting to become President without having a proper experience in government. Azarov said that in this respect Zelensky is not too different from other applicants. However, for Moscow the comedian is the more desirable candidate than Poroshenko.

With the current President of Ukraine, Putin will not agree under any circumstances. Therefore, the chances Zelensky for the presidency cannot be called 100% equity, but they are present and real.

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