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Daniel Radcliffe revealed the secret filming of the first "Harry Potter"

MComp 06.02.2019 at 20:29

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The actor revealed that the young actors wore fake teeth.

the Reason for this is to avoid unexpected cases of loss of milk teeth in children who played in the movie. In order for the frame was not toothless young actors and was adopted this precaution.

Daniel Radcliffe says that it was necessary to make a cast of the jaw of each. Also the actor said that when you get a tooth put in new artificial. This allowed quietly to continue shooting without interruption. In the first part of "Harry Potter", you may notice that some children had teeth.

the First film of the Saga was released in 2001 when the actor was only 12 years old. The film is based on the novel by British writer JK Rowling, which was released in 1997. All of the "Harry Potter" was filmed based on the series of books about the young wizard. Just rolling out eight films.

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