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Latin American investors are waiting for negotiations between the US and China and the news from Venezuela

Forex Club 07.02.2019 at 10:21

Latin American markets reacted to statements by US President Donald trump that he will achieve the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. In addition, they are waiting for the development of trade relations between the US and China.

trump has urged the us Congress to adopt a law on the introduction of the mirror of import duties in the case of "unfair" trade restrictions by other countries. The next week the U.S. delegation will head to Beijing to continue the trade negotiations and at the end of February, a meeting of the tramp with the head of China XI Jinping in Vietnam.

in Addition, Latin American investors, of course, waiting for the development of the situation in Venezuela. Now the country raised the issue of possible debt restructuring. Virtually all of Venezuela's government bonds are now in default and trading at a price no more than 28% of par.

the Uncertain situation in Venezuela, in turn, provides support to world oil prices, suggested by financial scouts. After the introduction of new us sanctions against the Venezuelan oil and gas sector, oil prices went up. According to the US, losses in the supply of oil to the world market from the new sanctions will reach $ 11 billion, which no doubt will provoke a further rise in price of "black gold".

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