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Samsung is in Russia Flex Dual Cook first oven with double door opening retail and distribution 04.02.2019 at 12:30

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Samsung Electronics announces the start of sales in Russia recessed oven Dual Cook Flex. Thanks to the innovative technology of a double door opening Flexible Door it is possible to cook several dishes at the same time and open the oven with minimal heat loss.

Flex Dual Cook first oven, which implements the ability to open the top part of the door separately from the bottom. This mechanism is especially useful when preparing two dishes with different conditions, for example, meat, and pastries, when the readiness of the first meals should be regularly checked, opening the door, and the second to ensure the absence of air at all times.

Unique Dual Cook technology allows the camera to divide the oven into two independent zones with different temperatures and cooking time so that the smells are not mixed together. The user can also open the door Dual Cook Flex entirely and use the whole volume of the furnace is 75 litres, which allows you to cook large dishes for the whole family or with friends, for example, bake a chicken or Turkey.

Dual Cook Fleh saves time in preparing lunch or dinner, and electricity. If you are using only the upper part of the oven-it heats up in just 4 minutes, the cooking time and energy consumption reduced by 22% and 20%, respectively, compared to heating the entire furnace. If you use the full volume of the oven remains level energy efficiency class A+.

Every stage of cooking the user can control through intuitive touch control using the hints on the numeric keypad (Guide Lighting Control), as well as to independently control the temperature in any zone of the furnace and to choose the modes the oven.

to Care for Dual Cook Flex as easily as and cook it. Catalytic cleaning of the working chamber substantially facilitates cleaning the oven: the panel located on the rear wall, and pair absorbs fat droplets that occur during cooking, and as a result the oven cleans itself.

the Novelty is presented in the official online store of Samsung and partners stores and is available in two colors — elegant black and stylish steel. Recommended retail price — 69 990 rubles.