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Mitsubishi Electric has developed a technology of cyber security for connected cars retail and distribution 04.02.2019 at 12:32

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Corporation Mitsubishi Electric announced the creation of a new technology multi-level protection from cyberattacks is connected to the data networks of cars (Connected Cars), implemented via the head unit of the car. In terms of the growing popularity of vehicles with the ability to connect to external information systems development of the company will ensure the safe use of these machines.

the Vehicle, having a network connection function, can connect to the Internet and/or mobile devices such as smartphones, which makes them potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks. In the worst case, the attacker can remotely take control of the car. New technology multi-level protection Mitsubishi Electric prevents cyber attacks using reliable tools intrusion protection, not load the system and a secure boot feature, quickly checking the integrity of the software.

Key features:

Technology allows to detect cyber attacks on control system and head unit of the car. Developed by Mitsubishi Electric safety technology allows to optimize the process of data analysis, highlighting only suspicious actions. Fast download (Fast Secure Boot) runs 10% faster compared to traditional sequence and provides quick and safe data loading, which verifies the integrity of software built into the head unit of the car. Developed technology multi-level protection provides a level of security by improving the security level of the head unit of the car, which is the main communication vehicle of the Internet. The developers have taken the technology of detecting cyber attacks to critical infrastructure facilities that supply electricity, gas, water, chemical and fuel industry and adapted it for use in the field of motor vehicles.

it Often happens that the cyber attacks form malicious commands, which are almost impossible to distinguish from the control system commands. The existing attack detection techniques, based on comparing the incoming traffic with known examples of suspicious events that require significant time and overload the system. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new technology of detection of cyber attacks to it systems, recognizing only the potentially malicious commands. This technology was used on cars without additional requirements to the computational performance of the car's systems.

the Function of the operational protected downloads (Fast Secure Boot) allows you to verify the integrity of software during the boot process. This method is applied for a long time, but the lack of normal secure boot is that data processing takes a long time because you need to check all elements of the software. To solve this problem, Mitsubishi Electric has reduced the amount requiring data verification, focusing on the main parts of the software. As a result of new technology requires less than 10% of the time traditional download.