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A new model of wireless headphones AKG now available in Russia retail and distribution 07.02.2019 at 12:28

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Samsung announces the start of sales of new models of wireless headphones brand AKG in Russia. Among the innovations included in-ear headphones AKG Y100 N200 Wireless and Wireless, overhead Y500 Wireless and the flagship full-size model N700NC Wireless.

the full-size Flagship model of the AKG Wireless N700NC embodies the latest developments of the brand in terms of sound, comfort and design. A distinctive feature of the headphones – active noise reduction Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC), ideal for comfortable listening to music in a long travel, the urban environment and regular trips to work. Model AKG N700NC Wireless was awarded the EISA award in the category of NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES for the embodiment of the latest developments in the field of sound, comfort, and design. Soft ear cushions and hinges, pivots 90 degrees to complement the ergonomic design of the device. The kit also includes a detachable cable with one-button remote control with integrated microphone that allows you to use headphones without Bluetooth connection. In addition, by pressing just one button the user can enable Ambient Aware to answer a question or to hear an important announcement, and then switch back to music. Charge the built-in headphone battery will last up to 23 hours of continuous music listening (even when the ANC). In the box is also available accessories: adaptor for headphones on the plane and box are not tangling your society fabric cable.

AKG Wireless Headphones Y100 demonstrate a harmonious combination of excellent sound quality and a comfortable form factor, great for daily use. With a comfortable, ergonomic cervical rim of soft and flexible material which adapts to the shape of the neck of the user, and Ambient Aware technology to adjust the sound level of environment, Y100 AKG Wireless will become a reliable companion in any situation. Headphones support the AAC codec for audio playback amazing quality. Device battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life. However, if necessary, the headphones can quickly recharge: only 15 minutes is enough for 1 hour listening to your favorite music.

headphones AKG Y500 Wireless work without recharging up to 33 hours. Thanks to Auto Play/Pause, which pauses playback when the headphones are removed, drain the battery less. Like model AKG Y100 Wireless, this model supports Ambient Aware, which allows you to hear the outside world without removing the headphones. Thus ensures safe conditions when the user needs to be aware of what is happening around him.

the In-ear wireless headphones model AKG N200 Wireless, in addition to such advantages as a great-sounding, reliable quality, characteristic of the entire audio brand AKG, remarkable durable fabric cable, eliminates tangling, and fitted into sophisticated metal housing cups with magnets for ease of carrying. Headphones support the aptX codec and AAC for audio format of higher quality, but also equipped with powerful battery that ensures uninterrupted operation for 8 hours.

the Device can be purchased in specialty stores Samsung recommended price:

Y100 AKG Wireless (black, blue, green, pink) – 7490 RUB Y500 AKG Wireless ( black, blue, green, pink) – 10990 RUB N200 AKG Wireless (black, blue, green) – 10990 RUB N700NC AKG Wireless (silver color) – 25990 RUB.