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Nissan Datsun, 1993 Reviews 08.02.2019 at 06:05

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Hi all! Very long dreamed for the third time to purchase this truck. The first I bought in 2000 on the mechanics with diesel TD27. Photos from those years there. Had to sell due to no stable income. After 2 years of "pecked" at the price tag of petrol and after buying it, realized that the "coat", sold in a month. By 2012, hands were the sum of 10 thousand $ and I rushed to the Samara region for the "dream". The seller took me on it and were met at the airport. The machine was, in appearance, in good condition and I really wanted to become her master. Went to see him, in Neftegorsk, in the SAI. Removed from the register quickly with papers, he gave the results of the examination numbers on the frame and the engine...

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