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How to extend the life of cell phone battery? :.: Article 05.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Sometimes it happens that buying a new mobile device, the user begins to criticize the manufacturer for the defective battery. Main point of criticism is that it runs out quickly. Unfortunately, it is typical for many mobile phones. Especially for assembled in China. Counterfeiting products under the Western running phones, the Chinese especially complement their cheap and weak batteries to reduce the cost of the item and more successful to sell it off. Alas, there is almost impossible to fix the situation. But if you carefully analyze the problem, it is sometimes possible to find ways to improve battery life. Will try to do it. First of all, pay special attention to how the phone functions you use most. Leave only the ones you absolutely need. Everything else there is no need to keep running, as they will "eat" battery power. Note the battery capacity in pokupaite: Depositphotos If you are confident that in the next few hours nobody will call and generally you will not for anything in demand, what's the point to keep the phone on? It is important to remember that the greatest battery power consumption in the mobile phone happens when librariile call. It is preferable for this reason to use the normal call. If it is important to have a mobile phone all the time in standby mode and there is no way in the next few hours to recharge, you should not listen to music or play on it. And watching videos and does very quickly, "jailed" for zero battery smartphone. Change the settings of volume, brightness, disable, weboriginate: Depositphotos Factory setting usually do not take into account the need to conserve battery power. After studying the manual, reduce the ringer volume, the luminosity of the display and the backlight time to the time of the call. The comfort of using the phone all this with almost no impact, but will allow much longer use after charging the battery. Remember that in 3G networks, processing of information is conducted in a different way than in 2G networks. For this reason, in 3G mode the battery discharges much faster than in the mode your phone is 2G. If you know in your area there is no 3G mode, it makes no sense to buy traffic with such a regime, because he still will be involved as 2G, but with a minus for the battery. The batteries of mobile phones are rapidly losing capacity in the cold. Possible keep them in a warm place. If it came from the street, let the battery warm up well at room temperature and only then put on charging. It is desirable to keep the battery on the charger too much time. It will start to overheat and its life will be reduced. Photo: Depositphotos it is Impossible to prevent deep discharge of the battery up to the auto-turning off the mobile device. If such a mode of operation of the battery is repeated over and over again, he just stops shortly be charged. Quite often users in emergency situations (need to make an urgent call, and the charge is almost at zero) apply physical impact to the battery. Knock them about anything to "revive". For a couple of minutes he was resuscitated, but then after a few tens of cycles of charge-discharge will stop working. The battery is the heart of the mobile phone. Don't forget that. And the care he will answer you better and more lasting work. ...

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