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Half A Century KamAZ. How you prepared to work? :.: Article 05.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In December 2019, OAO KAMAZ — 50 years. Stories about the formation of enterprise features. I want to convey the atmosphere of the factory life cycle part of the event, which has been for 35 years. None of the names of colleagues will not be named so as not to hurt their feelings, not to Wake the memories of different advantages, many died. ...It was a hot summer in 1972, in the suburbs burned swamps. Windless, Muscovites choked with smoke. In a little while a/p Bykovo was not crowded. The flight Begishevo delayed. Finally declared fit. In the cabin of an 24 passengers breathed a sigh of relief — here without smoke. An hour flight and landing. Exit the plane, go to the building of the new terminal. In the middle of the airfield meet with the group departing from Begishevo passengers, establishment of short conversations. Convinces me of a seasoned middle-aged man that came here in vain, around the mud, trenches, overcrowding in rooms, lived for a year and you leave. The choice of their technological preferences, I went into the trailer frame and stamping plant (prz), had a short conversation with HR, received the invitation to work as the Adjuster of cold stamping equipment (HSO). Employment lasted 7 days, were given 12 RUB of lifting and on the 8th day, again taken at KAMAZ, the ship went in Togliatti, where was the training on the Vase. Acquaintance on the boat was helpful. It turned out that the motives for moving are the same — the desire to work in the specialty, to have good housing. It turned out that all beginners KAMAZ — higher education, work experience, a degree, desire to deepen their knowledge in modern technologies of mechanical engineering. I wanted to know to the smallest detail, so each formed unconditional agreement to be the working class. Employment in the Vase went faster, and September 12, 1972 I first went to work Adjuster, HSO. Date remember the first snow that fell that day. Residents of Donetsk and Rostov region, where he studied and worked after high school — in wonder. The internship was very eventful — work 3-shift with a full 8-hour working day. To work dressing up in a robe after a shower, then classes are 4 hours in the specialty. Work (setting and adjustment stamps) on large multi-position presses, supplied by FIAT (factory industrial road transport), madly loved, previously never seen anything like it. Automatic stamping mid-sized parts just pleasing to the eye. They passed paintings of everyday factory life, but one very memorable. Finished night the installation and commissioning of multiple stamp press signed the TCI controller sample resolution for a stamping party. Sat down on the curb of the fare in the shop — waiting for the end of the shift. Antonio (supervision over all) we returned, and again passing us back and forth. Sit the fuck down and sit with us! And he answers: "I your sit-in is not prinimaet fate." A year-long internship ended with the surrender of the standings at slinger and examination for the increased discharge. Were clearly visible bottlenecks in the stamps, which did not allow to reach the design performance. The shift supervisor offered to do things that prevent work on the project performance. Demand for Lada in the country were incredible — it was the 3rd year of their release. So the last six months in working overalls was standing behind the drawing Board, developed, and then mastered simple device for normal operation of the stamps had ample opportunity. After the development of the drawing was duplicated it, gave to the manufacturer under the auspices of the repairing and adjusting of the stamps of the shop in which he worked. This action accelerated the manufacturer, it was not necessary to open the order to drive his valuation, to determine the order of manufacture. Conclusion a large multi-position press on the design capacity of the event, hang posters with congratulations about yesterday. Once a partner has established a grab on the line a new design of the grips (the transmission device of the semi-finished product from one stamp to another) for a long time and fussed with the adjustment of the dies. Press under the placing set of stamps given in the 2nd shift, stayed the night, started 1st shift, press authorities, drove the tow (machine fast delivery of parts to the main conveyor), and we are naturally lapping of parts in friction. Grips that will correctly guess the item, then shift. Every detail is immediately loaded into the back of the alarm system. The boss looking on in silence, master vanity, repeats one question — when? For lunch partner did not. In the silence of the workshops have worked with one of the press stops with the table dimensions are 1.8×3 meters. A bit transferred from a companion spirit, when he noticed the alignment of the friction forces in the sliding pairs of the piston grapples. Began stable operation of the press. Now the boss was standing near the press, but a simple factory folk. Understand go first to the design level of 6400 parts per shift. Never came, the change was over, wasn 6220 parts. My Guild liberty became the object of observation Otiz, come comments about the Adjuster behind the drawing Board. The shift of all has calmed down — he will soon be leaving us. And so it happened, on 8 March 1974, came back to Naberezhnye Chelny. To be continued......

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