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Half A Century KamAZ. What was the finalized production? :.: Article 06.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Construction of factories was completed, the heat in factory buildings submitted in full swing work on delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipment. Large equipment has been tested in the automatic mode of operation. Go to the previous part of the article, Even one minute of work in this mode presses lines — synchromatic in the manufacture of floor panels, roofs, doors of the cabin were admired. And no wonder the chief of the Bureau of large stamps, who led them directly fine-tuning in Japan, the company has put a monument in his lifetime. On the frame and stamping plant (prz) sent to the Department of the chief designer of the development of stamps, was given a new apartment, and again the date is September 12, when it went into her. It happened then — I lived in this apartment for exactly 12 years, moved to new room which also ends with this number. Some stamps are made in different cities and countries, did not provide the desired quality of the part, or was unstable, they had to bring to the condition. However, there were cases when the stamp is fully zabrakovanie. This happened to 028 bushing cab on the frame. Had to develop a new technological process of manufacturing parts and stamp to it. No one intervened in the creative process, only the expected result. The simplicity of part (a smooth transition from one diameter of the sleeve to another) all told, helped by the experience gained on previous work. The stamp was quickly designed and manufactured. Under the new process the original billet had to cover the solid lubricant — soap, to send to the Assembly plant, and then return back to the prz. Each placing of the stamp on the press gathered responsible for mastering details. The new-found ease of manufacture, reliability of the snap caused a lot of issues. Finally the technological process approved chief technologist of KAMAZ. Suddenly rebelled technology prz — developers of the Department of methods of processing and Assembly (Amos). Said: we do not know what reducing. And wire drawing familiar? Of course, wire drawing, and the goat is clear! So, when drawing metal pull, and when reduction push. And even easier you can? Well, Yes, a sledge with child pull, and the stroller pushing. And the debate continued to flare up with new force. So what happens with the billet for stamping? Explained: when pushing the sleeve through the die of a stamp is increasing its length and wall thickening. Replied: and here we have a sheet punching and metal thickness is not changed. So roll his wheelchair to another plant. On this occasion, we will create a new process. Technology management (TU) of KAMAZ, which used to call brake control, changed the route of manufacturing parts to have everything under one roof. Left detail on the Aggregate plant. Many subcontractors are unable to timely prepare for the supply of KAMAZ units and components assigned to them. It happened with industrial rubber products (RTI), inside the rubber sleeve steel detail — embedded rebar. The subcontractors could not master the manufacture of such parts, and the time of the start of the main conveyor is steadily approaching. Had more to do fine-tuning of dies longer be in the shops than to stand behind the drawing Board. The result was appointed head of technical Bureau workshop of repair and maintenance of dies (Cries). All repairs were made on the instructions of the technician of the shop with the attached sketches, a synopsis of the work and the final maturity date. Contacts engineers with mechanics-the toolmakers became more close. Started to create a catalogue quickly wear (BID) details of stamps, etc. And the unexpected happened — the foreman and his Deputy quit his job. So had to become the acting chief (Cries). For a change or two of RAM at the supervisors workshop and two meetings at the Deputy Director of the production plant. Endless conversations with guests, checking on the preparations for the start of the conveyor, before 21 hours left the work in the factory. In preparation of the start of the main conveyor about 180 types of parts were not cliches, i.e. the main shop (frames, small, medium and large stamping) could not produce them. The production of these parts is distributed to the auxiliary workshops, which took universal equipment and highly qualified personnel. Such processes were called roundabout and there was more than one year. Transfer of the main shops in the future were not only technical, but also psychological barriers. In the auxiliary shops there were areas of manufacturing parts in a roundabout processes. A violation of the schedule of development details for the bypass (the bypass) have been severely condemned, but without any action people wanted faster to start producing trucks. An interesting fact of this story of the life of the plant party Committee, often a young beautiful woman. The delicate way he campaigned to join the Bolshevik party. Then, perhaps, the prefix I. O. can be removed. I did not resist, but suggested a condition that any serious business needs a timetable for its execution. Well, of course, replied the interviewee, and I continued: here's how you can understand without graphics? "The current generation of Soviet people will live under communism." And after these words, the messenger of the party Committee in hand, a handkerchief, silently withdrew. The wall of the office consisted of a transparent stained-glass Windows that allowed you to constantly examine the part of the shop, and everything that happened in the office, too, was clearly visible. Supervisors independently built this office without the slightest indication that partially removed the aggression of its constituent people. Suddenly the office was filled with Guild elite locksmiths-toolmakers of high discharges. Was in a hurry on evening factory RAM. Shop Elita stared in the eye. Answered: what's the matter? Mistress came, what not? The office quickly released. Someone said: well, Yes, it happens. From intelligence learned that our boss will go far, if the mistress of the party Committee. At one of the meetings of the chief engineer of foreigners (the Germans) had a long argument with our spices of linking volumes of work with deadlines, there was a pause, in silence, the translator quietly said: can we Kotlyar to meet? Yes, here he is in front of you and closed the meeting, and was waiting for me in the shop, met and only. Then with the specialists of the company Nothelfer had a long work on the stamps of manufacture cross members of the frame. They are on their own on our recommendations quickly eliminate identified flaws. To be continued......

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