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How to strengthen immunity folk remedies? :.: Article 06.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Sign of our times — health problems for the majority of the population. The reason is not only that there is a new disease, and that people ceased to look after their health. And then wonder why this is any sore began to fell down. And the thing is the weakened immunity. Every person has innate or acquired immunity. But some have it reliably protects the body from diseases, while others almost never works, and they have even not so hot any ailments to seek treatment from doctors. To various irregularities in the actions of the immune system cause by many factors. Last but not least is a lifestyle. Constant stress, poor nutrition, lack of attention to their health — these are the main causes that lead to decrease in immunity. As a result, any sneeze from the common cold be a problem. Photo: Depositphotos Symptoms, clearly indicating that you have a weakened immune system: frequent incidence of colds; the longer its treatment; fatigue. Be alerted should the fact that the beginning of any illness accompanied by the appearance of the skin rash, very similar to the rash for allergies. But in fact, it is the immune system's response to penetrating infection at an early stage. As a rule, after the rash starts on the disease itself, as a weak immune system is not able to cope with it in a simple way (the lock in the form of rash) and the disease began to progress. In Siberia in the times of Peter I the immune system (however, if such a word did not know, and said — the power of health) was elevated by the infusion of pine needles. The recipe is very simple. Photo: Depositphotos Should take about a half Cup of fresh pine or fir needles, add it to the pan with a liter of boiling water and boil for about 20 minutes. Then, the resulting greenish color strain the broth and allow it to settle, enough hours. Next, add a little honey. Daily take 1 tablespoon before eating. Another effective folk remedy. Finely grate a large onion (variety doesn't matter), mix the resulting mass with sugar and pour in 0.5 liters of water, boil for about an hour. After the broth has cooled, add the honey. (Of course, real and not fake based syrup.) Drink the resulting broth is also a daily before meals. Photo: Depositphotos works Very well to strengthen the immune system honey and pure. But the best in all people is the recipe with the addition of honey finely grated walnuts. In Siberia, they (for lack of) in the old days was replaced with pine nuts. To the resulting mixture it is necessary to add finely mashed berries of mountain ash or hawthorn (seedless). You'll have a pleasant smelling mixture with the original taste. Application: three times a day tablespoon before meals. Quickly boosts the immune system honey mixed with mashed fresh leaves of aloe. However, this house plant is now rarely seen in the city. But in the villages and it now adorns the window sills. Photo: Depositphotos in Short, everything is in your power. We just do not forget that the immune system can be strengthened simple folk remedies. But before using these tools be sure to consult your doctor and don't forget about possible allergies....

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