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Is it possible the "miracle of the Emirates" in Russia? :.: Article 06.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

January 1, 2019, a classmate of Vladimir Putin decided to celebrate his seventieth birthday in the hot Dubai. Good thing, considering that in Soviet times most of us sinners, was "restricted to leave". With enthusiasm, he spoke about urban planning and other wonders of the UAE. And it is from 1971-72. Interestingly, Volodya graduated from UNIVERSITY just in 1971 and I in 1972 But we have grown only to doctors of science and professors — special economic achievements (at least, at me) no. The history of modern Emirates began in 1985 in conjunction with our "restructuring impasse". But we the country is falling apart, and they were collected. We, of course, as scientists, are interested in the sources of economic breakthrough "of Singapore in the desert" and the question of the applicability of their experience in the conditions of frosty Russia. The Deira district on the Bank of the estuary of the Dubai Creek in the 1960s Photo: it Turned out that the oil is in the UAE, only 6% of government revenues. That's good. We have 50% - hence, the preconditions of the Russian miracle there! That's a plus. Public services (visas, licenses, fines, etc.) and tourists give it 74% of the budget! In Russia it is impossible: not really, we go to entrepreneurs, and tourists especially, the investment climate is not the same, not to mention the natural climate. It's a minus. A strong transport infrastructure the UAE provides a significant contribution to tax revenues of the country, which make up 19% of total revenues. Russia is also possible: the development of rail transit Asia-Europe via the TRANS-Siberian railway and the second track of the BAM; the organization year-round marine transportation along the Northern sea route. That's a plus.Arab, Dubai Marina, nachofoto: Tourism is another secret of the economic miracle of Dubai. Due to the artificial Islands coastline in the country increased from 70 to 590 km And it is the hotels, houses and beaches! We have a coastline is 40 thousand km, which is significantly more than in Dubai... Is a plus. But it is warm only in the Crimea (750 km) and greater Sochi (120 km) — and that is not all year round. Leonid Martynov wrote: Only we, the newcomers from Russia, Anxious tributaries winter, the Coast of storms, and the raw city Called South — just us! The rest of the coastline, the Arctic ocean (19 724,1 km) and cool the far East. It's a minus. The population of the UAE is just over 9 million people. 90% of whom were migrant workers from Bangladesh, Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Russia...! They are subject to expulsion upon reaching retirement age! Here's another source of wonder — not the cost of their pension. For us it's a minus, with 42 million Russian pensioners. The red line metrofoto: United Arab Emirates — a country with strict Muslim rules. However, the fingers and hands for stealing there have not cut. According to the corruption perception index in 2017 (71) is on the 22nd place. Russia (29) — 135. This is us minus. Enlightened monarchy in the Emirates — is a plus. The share of state ownership over 50% enables the monitoring of all types of production. Moreover, the control exercised by the citizens of the country (10% of the population). In violation of the laws of prison or deportation. We have, as you know, unenlightened democracy. Is a disadvantage, because they steal and take out, and over and over! Photo: Nicholas Russia, the personal archive of the UAE ranks second in the world in the openness — in 136 countries have visa-free entry. In the end. For the period 1970-2016. GDP per capita in the UAE increased by 33 090 dollars (in 8.3 times) 4 532 to 37 622$. In Russia for the period 1993-2016 from $ 1,000 to $ 8,000. Also 8 times. Think for yourself, decide for yourself if you want or don't want to live like in Arabia! ...

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