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Why Karbyshev was very necessary to the Nazis? :.: Article 06.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In 1941 captured by the Germans were 61 General. A significant portion of them there silently survived the war. They, of course, campaigned for joining the ranks of the fighters for democracy and the "new order", but when someone is refused, usually not pressed. Just a prisoner of the Germans were six Lieutenant-generals. Why so much up to the murder, crushed it on Lieutenant-General of engineering troops Karbyshev? Dmitry Karbyshev was born in 1880 in Omsk, in the family of a retired officer, a veteran of the Crimean war. He participated in the Russo-Japanese and First world wars, been wounded, for bravery were awarded orders and medals. In 1906 he was arrested for political articles, although he was guilty only of non-information. He would face prison, but as an officer, he was subject to the officers ' court. And the court officers who recently fought alongside him, did not prosecute a war veteran, awarded 5 medals for bravery — he just fired in stock. Dmitry Mikhailovich, Karbyshevu: And soon he was back in the army, graduated from the Nikolaev military engineering Academy and took an active part in the First world war, was wounded and decorated. The revolution Colonel Karbyshev accepted immediately. For participation in the Civil war he received two inscribed gold pocket watch with an engraving of the Central Executive Committee and was elected an honorary soldier of the 4th battalion exemplary as a resolute fighter against global capital. Perepiska Karbysheva Provisional government, 1917 Photo: In 20-30 years he has taught and practiced science, he designed and built fortifications, including on the Western border. He defended his dissertation and received the title of doctor of military Sciences, was a Professor at the Military Academy of the General staff of the red army. He was in correspondence with well-known experts in fortification. In the early summer of 1941 he was sent to Western military district to inspect work on the construction of fortifications on the border near the city of Grodno. The whole end of June and July, he came out of the environment. 08.08.1941 city near the Dnieper, at the very front line in battle during the breakthrough through the German defenses was wounded and captured. General D. M. Karbyshevu: Source When it became clear that war with the Soviet Union delayed, the German government realized that they need a leader for "allies among the Russians." Had "the banner of resistance of the Russian people against the tyrant Stalin," we need such people — known among specialists having international authority. General Karbyshev is perfect for this role. He was an officer in the tsarist army, had the rank of Colonel, for bravery in battle was awarded six military orders and medals. Came from a military family, enjoyed a great reputation as a scientist, corresponded with many scientists abroad. A plaque in memory of the death of General D. M. Karbyshev, mounted on the "wailing wall" of Mauthausen.Photo: the General was cured and tried to handle ideologically. Failed. Tried to show him a great life in the rejection of the Bolshevik ideology. He didn't even have to fight or to publicly make any statements, just to sign some stuff and here it is, freedom. A quiet life in Berlin, in his apartment, working on the history of fortification in one of the institutions of the city, good Lunches. In short — a peaceful life a peaceful man. It even failed one after the other of his two friends. With one he and I served together in the First world, were engaged in fortification work in Brest. With the second world-renowned scientist — he was texting. Alas, in this case, the indoctrination did not help. Monument to General DM Karbysheva on the territory of the former concentration camp Mauthausen, Austriafor: But as a symbol of resistance, General Karbyshev was hurting the case of Germany, therefore, when neither the whip nor the carrot against him did not work, it had to be destroyed. Strong was a man. Real and honest. What a pity that such men in time of war will always die first....

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