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Want to impress the world? Build a house-the egg! :.: Article 07.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Modern architects refuse in the design from the traditions of previous centuries. This is facilitated by new technologies and new building materials. But even with these circumstances, some architectural decisions seem absolutely fantastic in concept and execution. For example, well-known for its original design and architectural company in Hong Kong refused to lay in their projects wood, brick, concrete and ceramics. In the company's projects, the emphasis is on high-strength, lightweight and durable design of new grades of aluminium and glass. The administration of the Indian city of Mumbai, commissioned in the project of modern futuristic building, was shocked by his sketch. He attached calculations impressed not only by the shape of the structure (in the form of lying on the side of the balls), but the fact that the building fully complies with all regulations of environment, being independent from the environment. Inside the building provides a complete natural parks and gardens, swimming pools with automatic cleaning water reuse, system of a microclimate. Project house in Mumbaithe: the Source the Total area of the 13-storey building — 30 thousand square meters. Mostly it will be located offices. In the three underground floors provide Parking for 400 cars. Interesting fact: project initially focused on the widespread use in the building of smart electronics. It software will monitor the health of the people and automatically make recommendations. In short, the project is very modern, with elements of the future. This building is not yet erected. It is, as they say, is still on paper. In the form of eggs seems incredible to the building was sustained. But the experts of the company assure customers that all calculations are correct. But as circumstantial evidence of the prospects of the project refer to the building-egg in Moscow. Project house in Mumbaithe: Source Is still long before the architects of a Hong Kong company decided to surprise the Indian customers with its know-how in the design, in the capital of Russia already had something similar. And also in the form of eggs. Not only lying on its side, and set vertically. Moscow architect Sergey Tkachenko in 1999 took over the project of a residential building of unusual shape. It was a necessary measure: the structure of the other types it was impossible to design in the street Mashkov (Basmanny) due to limited space and strict prohibitions in the historic district. In two years, the building-the egg was built. The egg house is on the street, Moscowphoto: Is it a somewhat stretched in height egg. All utilities used from the adjacent eight-story building. But in the building-egg with an electric lift for cars, as the main building material used was ceramic. From floor to ceiling on three floors at a distance of 3 meters 20 centimeters on each of these floors, in the attic and a domed ceiling of 4.5 meters. The "stiffness" of the building among the other buildings are not allowed to make it wide at least to the level adopted in Moscow, the standards for construction. The solution to this problem was not included in the tasks of the architect. From it, the customer is required only to "fit" a beautiful building on a small space. With this Sergey Tkachenko did a good job. Designed building is now one of the objects of pilgrimage for tourists. ...

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