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The famous cruiser "Varyag" and what is its fate? Part 1: legendary battle :.: Article 07.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

On 9 February (27 January Church calendar) 2019 marks 115 years since the heroic feat of the cruiser crew "Varyag" and the gunboat "Korean". Let's reminisce about the event. A I will be to blame for the fact that once again took up the theme, which I'm not a professional. But I couldn't avoid it. For many years we have decided to write about the heroes and events of the Soviet period. The impression that before the establishment of the Bolshevik government in the country was not indifferent people who performed heroic acts for the good of their homeland. But that's not the case. Such people were sailors from the cruiser "Varyag", the cost of their lives defended the honor of the Russian Empire. The cruiser "Varyag" was built in 1898 on the stocks shipyard in Philadelphia. According to its characteristics it was the most modern warship of the time. Its length was more than 120 meters, width 16 meters. The whole atmosphere of the cabins and other rooms were made of iron, painted in a wood color. From the tree almost refused, avoid fire during the battle. "Varyag" was the first large ship on which all the equipment operates on electricity: steering, elevators feeding shells to the guns, etc. In the engine room were installed steam boilers Niklos. Externally, the cruiser looked handsome. In 1900, the "Varyag" was launched. On the way Home his crew, he sailed the world. And in 1901, the ship entered service the Pacific fleet under the command of rear-Admiral Vsevolod Fedorovich Rudnev. "Varyag" on the stocks before descending on vodovoda: Source Came an anxious time. In relations of Russia and Japan was brewing the gap. In the air war. The cruiser "Varyag" and gunboat "Korean" it was decided to transfer to Korea in the port of Chemulpo. Their task was to military support of the Russian Embassy. The ships arrived to the place of service. Meanwhile in the port were the sailors of France, great Britain, Italy and the United States. The time has passed. Rumors about the severance of Japan's relations with Russia. On the eve of a terrible battle, the Japanese ruined the Telegraph and the telephone message of the Russian Embassy in Port Arthur. The captain of the "Varyag" we decided to go there. In the night of 9 February the ship arrived Ambassador of Japan with an ultimatum from Admiral S. Uriu. It said that war has been declared. Russian sailors were encouraged to 12 hours the next day to leave the port of Chemulpo, and to surrender to the winner. Rear-Admiral Vsevolod Fedorovich, Rugnetta: V. F. Rudnev did not even think a minute and refused to obey the demands of enemies. He assembled the officers and told them that tomorrow the ship will leave the harbour and follow to Port Arthur. The team was told to prepare for the upcoming battle. In the morning there was a General build. The crew was dressed in full uniform. The captain turned to his subordinates with a fiery speech in which he urged not to confound the homeland, fight to the end. At 11.20 under March sounds ships "Varyag" and "Korean" weighed anchor and went to certain death. The sailors of foreign vessels was amazed by the fighting spirit of the Russians. Their orchestra played Russian national anthem. The time has come "the last parade". Ahead was waiting for the Japanese fleet, far superior in number of ships and number of guns. Admiral Uriu could not believe their eyes: instead of surrender, the Russians at full speed and was upon them. The oppressive silence broke the enemy's shot. The historic battle began. The first victim was the rangefinder officer Midshipman count Nirod, which left one brush. "Varyag" was answered in the power of their guns. There are wounded who have pervasives in haste and returned to their guns. In the heat of battle the sailors started, all covered combat ecstasy. When hit in the enemy vessels were all happy. Cruiser, omeras guns, firing back as best they could. To support the team, the captain came on the bridge, people cheered. At some point the mast was shot down the flag of St. Andrew. Without thinking, the sailor took a new and risked his life, raised him up. Around and whistled many pieces, the clothing of the hero was torn, but he was not injured. The splinter of a bomb Rudnev was seriously wounded in the head and wounded. But he didn't want to leave his post and from last forces gave orders to the team. The shell was broken the electric drive steering. Had to switch to manual. Less remained the servants of the guns. Rapidly melted shells. The enemy landed a direct hit damage to the ship. "Varyag" had to cover a weak one gunboat "Korean", so he got more. English propaganda postcard with the words "the Destruction of the Russian cruiser "Varyag" and "Korean" in the Bay of Chemulpo", 1904 Photo: Soberly assess the situation, Rudnev decided to return to Chemulpo to patch the holes, repair the damage and then make another attempt to break through to Port Arthur. But it was not fleeing. When the cruiser entered the port, people from other ships were shocked by his appearance. Ship-a handsome man was a terrible sight, Ziya their wounds. The battle lasted an hour. Spent 1105 shells. Total killed 39 people, injured 73. In the "Korean" cost even without the wounded. Foreigners made visits to the ship. They were terrified by the number of wounded. Almost the entire deck was covered with blood. In the sides and stern there was an empty space, the paneling was riddled with shrapnel. One of the four tubes was pierced by a shell. Under the impression the aliens have offered the seriously wounded sailors to move their ships. "Varyag" after regenerate: Assessing losses, technical condition and damage to the cruiser, Vsevolod Fedorovich took a tragic decision to flood the ship, and "Korean" blown up. There was no choice! Opened the vent. Began the slow agony of "Varyag". All hard feelings had watched this terrible scene lasted nearly two hours. At this time, the captain was very worried that the Japanese will have time to get on a sinking ship and at least a minute will raise the enemy flag. Rudnev asked the French to shoot at the cruiser to quickly flood it. Finally, it ended... we Cannot ignore the fact that severely Varazze treated in a Japanese hospital. Uriu promised to consider them victims of the shipwreck, not prisoners of war. The Japanese Admiral was amazed by the feat of the Russian. He expressed his reverence of this glorious soldiers. In the spring of 1904, 630 seamen-heroes arrived in Sevastopol. All of them Nicholas II awarded the George cross. The team always met with military honors. Held dinners in their honor. The rapture was not the end. Simple people from different parts of Russia are famous all over the world. Their exploits were all the foreign Newspapers. All sailors, including the lower ranks, were invited to a gala evening in Winter, where the king personally awarded them nominal hours with commemorative inscriptions. To be continued......

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