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A white lie. Does she have the right to exist and are we entitled to it? :.: Article 07.02.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Lies... how much of this sound. And more adjectives: sweet, dirty, sneaky, blatant, bold, etc. But of special note is the white lie. This concept serves as a reason for the endless battles among moralists and pragmatists, each of which are sure they are right. We will do our best to objectively look at this phenomenon and to find the "Golden middle". Talking about lies, we can not say about the truth, which, by the way, everyone has their own. So between them is very narrow and conventional distinction, and one sometimes is not better or worse than the other. So what is the truth and what to do if you want (need) to lie, and "for the benefit or salvation"? Let's take a deeper inquire into the nature of the question and find the answer. Categorically impossible to call one good and the other, samfoto: Depositphotos First of all, note that nothing in this world is perfect and absolute, everything is relative. Therefore, one can not be called good and the other evil. Fire can warm, feed, to help to create something, but at the same time can destroy and kill. Also really capable of much and don't always end up blissful. So, when discussing such a delicate subject, all their nobility, infallibility, lofty sentiments and other regalia of the Holy is to leave "the door". Now let's answer the classic question: "what is good and what is bad"? I'm sure everyone will have their opinions, but the majority of the answers will converge. But I suggest to take a standard and a point of reference the basic postulate of democracy: you're free to do whatever you want, but have no right to stop others from doing what they want. In the context of our theme it is possible to paraphrase so: but are you sure that when you're going to lie for the benefit of, the person doing something good, and not prevent him from living as he wants? For example, a mother may tell a lie to his son about his beloved, as her 30-year-old child is not a couple, in her opinion. But really, this girl is his destiny and messenger of the Heavens. Are you sure that when you're going to lie in the blessing, do a good man, and not interfere?Photo: Depositphotos and popular expression "what Russian well, the German death" here, as ever, by the way. Each person has their own system of values, principles, worldview, etc. And it is proper to reckon with. When you can lie? Imagine the child broke the faucet, the apartment flooded, and parents on the phone, he assures that everything is in order, naively thinking that can reverse the effects. Isn't this a good to save his ass or ears? Of course, this is unacceptable and will not lead to anything good. But if you have a very emotional and impressionable person happened something bad, but the reality can bring even more trouble, depriving him of the ability to soberly assess the situation, make the right, informed decisions? And anyway, he can "commit follies". Seeing her husband's best friend on the other, most women headlong rush to expose the villain with the words "I told you so!", fanning and provoking conflict. Although it could be just a single and short-term affair in his life and family as a Cup, can be glued, but the table is not set. So Rubanov off shoulder plain truth, you risk forever to be among the enemies of even the closest person and cause a lot of anxiety. Sometimes you want to lie and avoid punishment, but will it help?Photo: Depositphotos one Conclusion: in such cases you always have to assume the consequences of their words, and a few steps forward. But not all players and not so well know person, who is going to lie or tell the truth as you think. Therefore, the main arguments should be objective, correct assessment of the situation and responsibility for his words, which, as we know, can kill. Lies and truth — is nothing more than the reverse and obverse of the same coin, the only question is, who has it in his hands and how he uses it. Yes, of course, lies exist and has a right to be, but it's usually an excessive burden, which permitted to take on only as a last resort. And, of course, we should never flatter yourself that you give a full report of their actions and know exactly when it is supposed to sound. It can be played from "benefactor" to become a victim. But if you really really unbearable, then better not say anything: say — silver, unspeakably gold. ...

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