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Plans are dreams confident people

Zadolba!whether 08.02.2019 at 11:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Dear opposers to plan something by a certain time. Certainly, your lifestyle has a right to exist, and I'm not always guided by a clear time stamp, sometimes preferring to act according to the situation.

the Problems begin when you start to claim.

Why we didn't wait for you and will spread nastolko? Because the whole company has agreed to meet back at four, and you came at five-thirty, and we didn't know exactly what time to expect you. Wanted to play with us, would come in time, but if you find it inconvenient, what can be the claim to us? Sit and wait until the end of this party, and brawling is not necessary.

Why you need to travel to the garden by bus and not with us in the car? Because it is convenient for us to come in early, to deal with all the cases has not yet reached the heat of the day, and then relax. You do not want to shake the stuffy Keyway? No problem, we meet at nine in the morning at the appointed place. You don't want? Then again, what claims us?

You can't come and visit me in the time that I called? Then I do not call you the principle. I have tickets to the theater at six in the evening, and before that I want to go to the store and choose a wardrobe. If you arrive in four hours, I will put you in forty minutes, and sure to promise that it will arrive early, you are able to. It turns out that meeting with you I need to free up a whole day and the whole day to be ready. Sorry, but this is uncomfortable to me.

And so on and so forth. Situations when it is more convenient to assign a specific time set. You can ignore this fact, but do not whine that you did not wait, did not take, was not invited. We don't have for you to adjust.

And Yes, when we are going somewhere with your family, we appoint the exact time of exit. Why? Then, then we can all figure out how much clear, and my husband and I will plan on a movie night, daughter will arrange a meeting with her friends, and the son will call out to your girl.

And you know we all love it when we can dispose of your free time.

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