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Review of the film "the Factory" Reviews 08.02.2019 at 11:27

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Businessman closes the plant and its staff, which the Director does not pay the salaries of six months, not going to give up without a fight. The confrontation between poor and rich grows into a fierce battle for life and death.

In your previous paintings, the author exposed the social problems of the country penetrated through corruption: "the Major", for example, was quoted regional police Department, which the leadership tried to "otmazatsya" his employee, and in the "Fool" evil personified became outright greed of the thieving city officials. The last few years, the Bulls were looking for new ideas, dabbled in projects "First channel", for which the Director put the serial Thriller "the Method", which came like how the critics and the audience. Unfortunately, it soon began a series of failures: first, Bykov was removed from the post of Director of the Patriotic kosmoopery "first Time", later dubious, to put it mildly, the plot of the series is "Dormant" gave rise to full-fledged persecution of the author in the liberal media. Released "Plant" — a sort of "reboot", Bykov returning to his favorite theme, of which, however, today, he says the new film language.

Yuri Bykov in the film "the Factory"

At the press conference dedicated to the release of the movie was released, the Director admitted that it was his "first work, created in partnership":

I was able to move away from his author's egoism, confided to fellow producers. And I think it went for film promotion. In addition, the "Plant" is, perhaps, the first picture in my biography that is worth watching on the big screen.

this, in General, do not argue. "Plant", perhaps the most dynamic film of the author. If at the beginning of his directing the path of the Bulls was obsessed with the solely idea to create a political billboards screaming about the fact that each of us in varying degrees, is part of poruchnya system, currently he gradually moved from ad nauseam pretty sotsialschiny to the action. From social drama "Plant" rapidly flows in the commercial, almost a Hollywood Thriller. The Director here not only dilutes his film "cinematic" approach inherent in some conventional "Rambo", but is as close as possible to the style of David Fincher (it is felt in the color palette, and the rhythm of narration, and even music, which is easy to guess the author's desire to repeat the notes of Trent Reznor).

the photos from the press conference premiere of the film "Plant" in the cinema "Illusion" Should be noted, repair carried out by the author in a space of its own once the rough direction did not affect the film's plot. Here the Bulls to last shot are true to yourself. Movie re-tells of the confrontation between the working class next to a businessman who is forced to close the plant due to unprofitability. The story begins according to the classical scheme of the film, the main characters of the people find themselves on the verge of a nervous breakdown at a time when those at the helm simply do not care about their fate. Denis Swedes, masterful playing of a man of circumstances, much less reads a worn-out monologues on the theme: "to whom in Russia to live well?". In the "Plant" his hero, rather, can't wait to shoot villains, seizing a Kalashnikov. No less convincing in this story came out and the antagonist, played Andrey Smolyakov. Felt like the actor really understands their character, which is a self-made man, blood and sweat, and now forced to listen at gunpoint bitter fate of some loser. Shot from a film "the Factory" this time the bulls there is neither good nor bad. Everyone here can humanly understand and laborer Gray, who is seeking justice, revenge for his failed life, and businessman Kalugina, who was forced to steal not so much personal initiative, how much corruption, corrupt system. The Director once again shows us a vicious circle, where the line between good and evil is practically erased. Its author is conventionally traced in the character of Vladislav abashina, nicknamed Fog, the commander of the protection group of businessman. Throughout the film, he performs the function of a negotiator, who understands and tries to reason with each of the parties. Despite the fact that the opposing characters are two sides of the same coin, the ending of the film will put everything in its place, closes the vicious circle of the plot, and each for himself will decide whether or not the restored balance between good and evil, or all of one scale always outweighs the other.

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