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The analysis of the image number 10: elegant dress for pregnancy 06.02.2019 at 10:57

Now I have a waist instead of the usual 62 cm — 115 cm, and of all the "pregnant" sets I have only two: this green dress and red, which I have dismantled.

to Buy something new though, as little left until the birth, it is meaningless. For shopping I do not go, because it's hard, and all of my outputs is the guests, theatres and ... trips to the doctor. So to the doctor I now go very dressy!

And when I was in this green elegant dress to donate blood, and taxi drivers looking at me with concern, because the address where I'm going is the hospital, the belly is already huge, and they're wondering: I have food? But why in such a fancy dress? During the visit, they concern me glancing: won't start if I can give birth right in the taxi.

One day the taxi driver could not resist and asked: "You to give birth to dressed like that?" I answer: "No, I'm the doctor, and then to the theater with the child." The other watched and asked: "Girl, you just say, now we quickly need to go, or I can obey the traffic rules?"

Let's disassemble the kit in more detail.

Dress Paul Smith Dress Paul Smith

Bought on sale in Bosco, cost in the region of 25 thousand rubles taking into account discounts and loyalty points. The original price is 40 thousand.

I needed a dress to go to theatre with the child, and so it puts the stomach.

out Of all their dresses I "fell", there was only red, which I bought specifically for pregnancy. So now in my Arsenal only two dresses: a red and this is green.

I love green color, because in the evening fashion is shade, not tied to the season. Evening wear less than that daily, so I want that kind of thing was long lasting color, which is not tied to fashion.

Dress slightly high-waisted so I can wear it after pregnancy. Took one size larger: after pregnancy it will be a little dangle, but will look more luxurious.

Silhouette romantic enough, but because of the elegant color looks restrained. Very appropriate in the theatre: does not look sickly.

I can fall, and winter and summer wear. Just have to vary the shoes: ankle boots, shoes or sandals.

I love green color, because it is the color of harmony, the continuation of life, of expression, of comfort.

Tights Calzedonia Wear with other dresses, skirts-pencils

it Cost about 800 rubles. They are tulle, elastic, peas. The back — seam.

due to the fact that they are lace and elastic band, they perfectly fit stomach.

Velvet Velvet ankle boots Bagatt shoes are very wearable: these ankle boots in more than a year

I Have the same ones in Burgundy, in the last analysis the image flashed. Wear them with a pleated skirt, jeans, skirts-pencils, with A-shaped skirt. Look good with cropped pants or jeans. Took on sale in Milan for 55 euros.

Marni Clip-on earrings look Good with elegant dresses and with relaxed sweaters

Favorite earrings this season. Purchased in the spring. Leather with pearls. Bought for 26 thousand rubles, in the Central Department store. Expensive, but they justify themselves, because a lot of what combined. With the last set too, they combine.

to suit

If you want to create romantic, but not cloying way, choose flowing dresses in rich shades.

Girls romantic type perfect this dress feminine shades: cream, pink, blue.

Where to wear

Harmonious whole this kind of dress looks in the theater. I go with the child in children's theatre, and to visit, and... to donate blood

Author: Catherine malerova

the Image-maker, Creator of training on image and style, the author of the website Glamurnenjko. Since 2007, more than 500 customers went with me shopping as well. More than 5,000 people passed trainings and seminars on image and style.

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