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Yandex invites interns

Blog Yandex 05.02.2019 at 06:00

Blog Yandex

We have opened recruitment for summer internship. If you know the math, know how to program and want to start a career developer or analyst, apply for it. Internship in Yandex is the opportunity to gain experience of industrial programming, participate in creating products used by millions of people, and look at the company from the inside.

Summer internship lasts for three months. This year it can be completed at the offices of Yandex in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Innopolis, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Simferopol and Minsk. Residents of other cities who will successfully cope with the packing job, we will invite to Moscow in the biggest office of the company. Travel and accommodation — at our expense.

the Day a summer Intern in the Moscow office of Yandex, 2018

Interns work in one of five directions. This is a frontend and backend development, machine learning, Analytics and designing products for mobile devices. Interesting challenges are everywhere. Interns will have to deal with real, not academic projects. For example, they may be assigned to devise and to implement a new feature in one or another popular service Yandex.

At the time of the trainee joins one of the teams of Yandex. In the distribution we are trying to accommodate the wishes of someone wants to work on the Browser, someone wants to improve search, and someone is trying to teach the new Alice. For each trainee assigned a mentor from among colleagues: he is willing to help with anything unclear and answer any questions.

At the bottom of the summer Intern guys from different teams get to know each other and are held together quest

Trainees in Yandex paid. They are open the same opportunities for self-development, and other employees of Yandex, specialized literature, internal seminars and workshops, online courses and more.

the First steps towards the training form and a test task. In the questionnaire we ask future trainees to talk in detail about your skills and interests — so it will be easier for them to pick the most interesting projects. The test task need to assess the capabilities of applicants. If the job is done we'll call the person in for an interview to meet in person.

this year we will hold for future interns special event — "Summer in Yandex". There will come representatives of the teams who recruit interns, and employees of the group internship. They will tell you how things work, and answer questions. The event will be held on February 21 in Moscow office of Yandex on Leo Tolstoy street. For residents of other cities, we organize online broadcast.

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