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The loss of the satellite. Leonid Velihov – the memory of Sergei Yursky

Radio Liberty 09.02.2019 at 05:10

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When about the person who died in the eighties, saying that his death was a surprise, a shock, this may seem like an emotional exaggeration. Died Sergei Yursky, he was 84th year, but I'm sure for many, this news came as a surprise, and personal experience. There are good actors, are outstanding, and there are few of them, those who accompany you through life in its various roles, at different stages of the life itself. They become your companion – as is the case with literary heroes. He was an actor, whose roles have become companions in our life. And shadows for those of us who saw these roles, he went about his life and connection I recall another conversation played at the Leningrad BDT. Played as both Tovstonogova the play as a whole, simply in a realistic style, but with such a strong personal and confessional, as they liked to say, temperament and content that the same all, without any "double underscore" and allusions, seemed to be our contemporary, "the sixties" fighting alone with the world surrounding him of lying, servility and famosissimi. And then it turned out that the Jurassic-himself – in – a-lifetime Chatsky. Defied the cult of "zabronzovevshy" Tovstonogov, when I saw that the theatre has stopped in its development. But to intrigue, to look for ways to overthrow the teachers and recent idol did not – just left the theater and gone forever from his native city: "out of Leningrad! Here I am no longer the rider!" thinking, as a philosopher, however, no fear and all the reality surrounding him calling a spade Went to Moscow, where he worked until his death, exactly forty years, and where, he believed, was never found of its new theatrical home. But anyone who has seen on a scene of Theatre of the Moscow Council it Opicina Thomas in "the Village Stepanchikovo" Dostoevsky and the Sergeant Separately in the "Truth is good but happiness is better" by Ostrovsky, I think, agree with me: it was brilliant in its filigree and severity of grotesque work. And – again, without any special allusions – an acute satire on the manners and times in our "stagnation" About the movie... what can I say – it is on everyone's mind. With Winiqsim of "Republic SHKID" we have lived a childhood, a charming Bender of the "Golden calf" we had copied in his youth, a fantastic inventiveness of the actor in the film "Love and doves", where in a small role, he managed to beat everyone, even Lyudmila Gurchenko, we just admired already in our Mature years... ...For the shooting of the program "Cult of personality", nearly four years ago, in may 2015, he came here much older who have passed physically tired. And it was still working. The unworldly, no one was convicted and not to cut down straight from the shoulder, and thinking, as a philosopher, however, no fear and all the reality surrounding him calling their names. Stamp was to say that with one or another actor gone era. However, in the case of the Jurassic, that is what happened. But still, to fend off the stamp better beat the name of the great actor. Come the end of the Jurassic period. Leonid Velekhov – journalist of Radio Liberty Expressed in the rubric "Right of the author" opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher