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How to return the cost of non-refundable tickets

Question - answer - Legal advice 06.02.2019 at 16:21

Question - answer - Legal advice


the tickets in our country appeared in 2014 thanks to special

amendments to the Air code of the Russian Federation. Since passengers can choose

between the cheaper rates, risking to remain without money

if you change plans, and more expensive return tickets.

However, even if you chose the cheapest rate, but I can't

to fly for a good reason, you shall be entitled to recover the full cost

ticket. Staff writer in Kaliningrad, which last year

fell just two one-know this from personal experience.

In November of last year my husband had to fly to Thailand. Trip

organized themselves - bought the tickets of the Russian airline,

booked hotels. Before departure there were few days. And suddenly,

high temperature, cough, headache. "To go from winter to summer you,

of course, should not be", - said the therapist.