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The government will be able to keep the price of gasoline

Question - answer - Legal advice 08.02.2019 at 05:57

Question - answer - Legal advice


petroleum products from Russia, according to the energy Ministry, in January pulled up.

the Proportion of the gasoline sent abroad in comparison with the December 2018

increased by 60%, diesel fuel — by 30%. Export growth, as well as

the increase in mineral extraction tax, VAT and excise tax rates on fuel increase the risks

another jump in prices after March 31, interviewees warn

"known" experts.

growth Factors


the oilers, according to the Central dispatching management of energy

(under the Ministry of energy), in January it exported 332,7 kt

high-octane gasoline environmental fifth grade. Increase

with the same period of December last year amounted to over 60%.

Also on foreign markets has flown 3.1 million tonnes of diesel fuel, which is more

the December figures are about one-third and by 15% exceeds the volume,

which went to the domestic market. In December and November last year,

ratio was reversed, as domestic consumers have received from

oil more local than foreign.