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- You know, the wife always compares me with Alain Delon...

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 09.02.2019 at 18:32

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angry wife scolds her husband:

- What the hell are you doing home at four in the morning!

- what? I have no right to have Breakfast with the family?

the doctor:

— the Doctor, at me after your meds all turns out.

— of Course! You see it says, "Outer"...

the study showed, on the mats most often Japanese sit on the sofas - Americans, on the bunk - Russian, and on suitcases -

the Jews.

- You know, the wife always compares me with Alain Delon.

- But you did not like.

- Here she repeats the same thing.

When Russian tourists falls into mountain gorge, echo blush in advance.

1 Sep. The teacher asks:

- Well, children, what books you read over the summer? Here you are Mary, what book you have read and what conclusions have you made?

- I read "How the steel was tempered"! And I realized that life should be lived so that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years!

- Great! And you, Seryozha?

- I read "the Three Musketeers". And I realized that we must be friends so that one for all and all for one!

- Clever! And you, little johnny, what you have read?

"the Destiny of man."

- Beautiful book! What conclusions for themselves have made?

- after the third is not a snack!

Announcement: Theatre invites young temperamental actress. Payment


I'll say this: at a time when there was no Internet, people at night often hung out with each other in bed.

— What is that men do not like during sex?

— Honey, I'm back, are you home?

In a psychiatrist's office tumble guy — broken glasses on his head what a mess, hanging from the ears cabbage from the soup, back in flour, belly in broken eggs... a Psychiatrist with interest:

— I wonder, I Wonder... what would you, my dear, bother you?

— At the moment I'm worried about the state of... my wife.

- what is the Russian society and the Internet after the new year so excited for new types of food packaging?

- So invisible hand of the market by the balls came from.

If I was 25 years ago knew that the stores will sell as many varieties of dumplings, - hell I got married!

On a job offer I always refuse, and the offer to drink takeways.