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When is the best time to buy a car?

Tow trucks 04.02.2019 at 18:36

Evacuation of Cars in Kiev

Such a major purchase, like buying a car, usually planned more than a month or two. The older generation the habit doesn't trust banks and a period of accumulating money "under the mattress" to pay the full amount for the car immediately, and the young people used to take loans and get everything here and now. However, both buyers are equally interested in one thing — saving. Let's see what season is best suited for the "iron horse". And install two things — when you can purchase a brand new car in the cabin or used on the secondary market. So, when you can buy a car at the lowest price? Indeed, in certain periods very good discounts make in showrooms, and in the market of used cars also has its own economic laws. First, let's talk about the time of year. Namely, least a good time to buy a car.