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What brand of car to choose?

Tow trucks 05.02.2019 at 18:44

Evacuation of Cars in Kiev

Justified is the selection of the vehicle according to the parameter of the country-manufacturer. For example, for decades the masterpieces of the German automotive industry, "Mercedes", "Audi", "BMW" (so-called "the Bavarian trio"), "VW", "Opel" — do not leave the podium of the best, according to motorists in different countries, machines. "The Germans" are renowned for their reliability, quality parts and Assembly. This reputation is tested by time. Experienced motorists know that the German brands of cars with engines of large volumes, subject to the timely replacement of oil, capable of "coming up" without major overhaul for more than 1 million km. Among the drivers even walking bearded "anecdote" that "machines are divided into two types — "Mercedes" and others." Recognition among motorists received and "the Swedes" — "Volvo" and "Saab" the quality is not inferior to the above German brands. The best ratio "quality/price" for cars manufactured in Asian countries — Japan, Korea.