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How to choose a car for the beginner

Tow trucks 08.02.2019 at 22:15

Evacuation of Cars in Kiev

What car is suitable for a novice driver? The choice you have to consider some points. First, the machine should be easy to manage. And still cheap, because at first the inexperienced driver is unlikely to avoid damage to their vehicles. In addition, the first car should have good visibility and standard dimensions. Extended wagon, low sports car, "square" SUV, and minivan require experience of who controls them. Such bodies need to be able to maneuver. So for you it is still not an option. Drivers with "zero" experience I'm afraid manual transmissions, like fire, and in a hurry to change to "automatic". However, the instructors suggest at the beginning to ride a manual transmission, to stop confusion with the clutch (the classic "disease" recent graduates of driving schools) and to consolidate the acquired skills.