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Attention all raider attempt to capture H2

Latest news / 09.02.2019 at 14:56

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I say the unprecedented activity and unprecedented invasion of our H2 sarnikov. Their website is swamped with messages. Among the usual garbage interspersed with some very important news also comes from them. Apparently this is due to an attempt to bring important news from any serious debate, and change established a serious image of the site in garbage. The schem exactly this reason I do not know, but my ass that H2 in its current form, who really bothers.

/showdown Sun, 10 Feb 2019 00:09:39 +0700 V. I. Baranov 561615 Russia's foreign Minister: gas Transit through Ukraine is possible only under the conditions of Moscow Russia is ready to continue the transit of its gas through Ukraine, but this is only possible under the conditions of Moscow. On this day, February 9, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Pankin.

"Yes, we are ready to continue the Ukrainian transit, but on the terms that we need," - said the diplomat.

However, he noted that there are a number of elements that the Ukrainian side does not approve. In addition, there is some uncertainty in relation to the Ukrainian gas transportation system, and to whom it will belong after the dissolution of "Naftogaz".

Aknin explained that the negotiations Russia proposed Ukraine to extend the existing contract on transit with some changes. Kiev, however, rejects such an option.

Also, the diplomat stressed that any attempts to force Russia to pump its gas via the Ukrainian GTS on conditions of Kiev, via the threat of sanctions against the pipeline "Nord stream - 2" is doomed to failure.

the Representative of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that the negotiations with Ukraine on Savoy the problem will be in may 2019. The Russian side hopes that this time will be any changes in the Ukraine. We will remind that on 31 March 2019 Ukraine will have presidential elections.