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Skype taught to blur the background - all - popular 10.02.2019 at 07:22 80 years on the Internet

The Best update in years.

Microsoft has updated Skype with the conversation in portrait mode. This mode is a video call, in which a person is displayed not on top of my standard circle, and artistically blurred background. Microsoft introduced Skype in a special artificial intelligence system is responsible for the function of the messenger.

This AI is based on algorithms that recognize the user in the frame, and "blur" all the rest of the space. The developers point out that the developed AI is able to differentiate not only individuals, but also details such as hair and hands, enabling them to stay clear the blurred background.

To include the effect of the blurred background when you call in Skype you must put it into the active position of the slider to Blur my background.

a New feature available in all versions of Skype — the desktop, mobile, and web versions.

But I think their already difficult save, on Skype already very few people sits.

Much they there broke the app for its improvements to show ads.

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