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Report for January 2019

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 08.02.2019 at 06:35

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Hello! As usual, delayed publishing the report for the last month for their new projects. Write about what they are doing and what gets results.

the First half of January — the lazy swinging. The second was more productive. Had a lot of ideas, some began to implement. Appeared cheerful working mood, motivation. Like this condition.

In General, things are going well. Nothing supernova.

— the Training was never to drink (yet laid aside for an indefinite period).

— the content of the workshop to recruit new people. Increase the speed on articles.

Write articles for customers (turn-key). In January I made for them 137 articles.

by the Way, it is possible to connect to our shop. Now can do about 50 articles a month on your information sites. All turnkey (TK, writing an article, review, post images, videos, linking to other articles). Details skins interested.

Well, now the report...

Sites In the shopping cart while only one project — an informational website (satanic), which is planning to invest 1 million rubles. Start of site work: October 1, 2018. Watch online for PS traffic on the marathon in my profile:

Screen attendance with SS metric and January:

the First 1000 and 2000 uniques

— 12.01.2019 passed 4 bar at 1000 unikov.

— 30.01.2019 reached 2000 unique visitors a day (average 14 days).

But the straps I have are:

100 (26.10.2018)

300 (06.11.2018)

500 (16.12.2018)

1000 (12.01.2019)

2000 (30.01.2019)

3 000

5 000

10 000

15 000

20 000

30 000


Report for December

Am sign in Google.doks. A link to a copy.

have Invested in January: (RUB): 136307

have Invested a total (rubles): 814 902

Returned all the time (ROI): -100%

Returned this month: 0%.

Income per month: 0

Income per 1K uniques: 0

monthly bandwidth: 47909 (+29658)

daily Traffic: 1545 (+957)

number of papers: 842 (+128)

Unique article per day: 1,9 (+1)

the Site is not monetized. In February we will begin.

the Traffic became more evenly distributed over the pages (the login page):

Color — separate article, grey — rest of the article.

2 articles receive 5% of the total traffic.

in Addition to adding articles to the site, bought a few new links. Or rather:

Links from Wikipedia. One link GGL.

— a few rules styles.

— have Thought of additional functionality (some additional value), washed down partially, but not entirely.

What plans?

sitting In the head of such plan:

Domino this website a little more money up to 100% of target (less than 200k). Immediately start another 2-3 new website and concentrate on them.

to Put everything in a single site is risky, so will make some more in other niches.

Articles on the first site we will publish purely to maintain (a few articles per month).

When the site starts generating money, you will of these money to take some portion (e.g. 50%) and to spend it on articles for this site. The rest of the output. So the website will be repaid, and maintain "yourself".

the greater the income, the more published articles. Earnings will be out of the context, pushey (if they still live) and teasers, some network.

this year launched a new teaser network (claim No. 1 in the list of the most profitable of mizerak for women and medical sites).

Colleagues suggest that tizerka shows the price per click is higher than Medicenter and Olivki (need zatestit).

the Owners generally offer the redemption of all of the shows, the fixed CPM above the current by 10-20% and give the payment immediately. I get, I'll put it on the sites.

I Have everything. Good luck!