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Victor Lustig the con man who tricked al Capone

Pectrum 10.02.2019 at 06:05

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Cech Victor Lustig can rightly be called the king of crooks of the twentieth century. Knowledge of psychology and ability to understand people has helped him to ingratiate himself to the powers that be, including to the mafia Capone.

To the whole world the name of the swindler occurred after he sold the Eiffel tower. And for the second time. So how did he manage to pull off the biggest Scam of the last century?

Skilled gambler

Victor Lustig

Victor Lustig was born in Bohemia in 1890. His father was the mayor of a tiny town, and almost all the time the boy spent in his office. There he saw how people fawn and offer of bribes to his father. While still a mere child he began to understand the physiognomy and psychology. These skills are a huge help in his life.

growing up Victor Lustig traveled to Paris to receive an education. But his studies did not appeal, the young man dreamed of easy money. Then he got a job working in a casino. There he was cheating came to play people. Victor later switched to the gaming room on Atlantic liners. There he called himself the bankrupt aristocrat from Hungary, count of Austria. The scammer did not forget to cheat gullible people. Soon, however, the cheating at cards he was tired, he switched to a more interesting Scam.

a Printing money machine

the Following Scam is Victor Lustig began selling machines that print money. Charming rogue, who knew five languages, acquainted with rich people who would like to become even richer. To them he offered the machine to print a hundred dollar bill. There was only one little thing — the car was given only one bill every six hours. But this feature did not bother the buyers. For his miracle machine conman asking for only $ 30,000.

However, when the printing press was the home of the buyer, it stopped working. They thought the matter ended in a special fluid for printing. Actually, inside the machine Lustig simply laid a certain amount of real. Indeed, people rarely reported to the police. None of them wanted to become a laughing stock in the society.

the Recognition from the famous mafia

In 1926 Victor Lustig met al Capone. The speculator got in debt $ 50,000, vowing that a month later will return twice as much. Imbued with the credibility of the petitioner, the mafia gave him the money, and the scammer put them in Bank under percent. In a few months he took the money from the Bank and headed to al Capone.

al Capone

the Scammer told the head of a mafia clan that plan failed, so it returns back only the amount. Amazed by the honesty of Lustig and al Capone from the bounty gave him $ 5,000. And here is a swindler hoped, after all, honesty is highly valued among Mafiosi. And by the way, surprisingly, but Capone didn't hear anything until the meeting about Victor Lustig. Although by the time he pulled a major Scam of his life — sold the Eiffel tower for the first time.

Twice sold the Eiffel tower

During the year before meeting with Capone fraudster Victor Lustig managed to sell the Eiffel tower for scrap. The first victim was Andre Poisson, laid out a large sum just for the mere chance to participate in the tender for the demolition of the Eiffel tower. And for documents on the symbol of Paris, he gave Lustig as many as 250 000 francs. Taking them, the crook was gone. But not for long.

the Book of James Johnson, "the Man who sold the Eiffel tower"

Lustig Soon reappeared in Paris. He felt complete freedom, because Poisson did not submit a complaint to the gendarmerie. So Victor decided to repeat his fraud — sale of the Eiffel tower. However, this time he was not lucky. The client smelled a rat and reported it to the police. Victor Lustig was given to the court.

Victor Lustig (center) during his imprisonment, one of the trades

Arrests and "Alcatraz"

After a failed sale of the Eiffel tower Lustig moved to the United States. There he patched a counterfeiter and for several years he lived happily ever after. Yet in 1935 he was arrested by new York police. But the day before the scheduled court Victor Lustig managed to escape. A month later he was arrested again, and then he failed to get out.

Swindler and forger was given a sentence of 20 years. My punishment he was serving in the famous prison "Alcatraz". But behind bars, he spent ten years. In 1947, Victor Lustig died in the infirmary from pneumonia. In history his name will forever remain as the name of the man who twice sold the Eiffel tower.

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