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What would happen if the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO to blow up a nuclear bomb?

NEWS PLANET 09.02.2019 at 13:55

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The Eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO is the dreaded event, which in the past have led to disastrous consequences. They touched upon almost all continents: they radically changed the climate. But what happens if we strengthen a powerful explosion, activating in the crater of the volcano, a nuclear bomb?

the most Powerful SUPERVOLCANO located in Yellowstone Park. To magmatic plume was discovered, the explosion needs to happen at a depth of 1 km. the most Powerful modern nuclear weapons are a drop in the ocean compared to the power of a volcanic eruption. The detonation itself would not be fatal, but it will trigger a real Apocalypse.

the Most dangerous is the ash that will be tons to come from the crater of the volcano. It will block sunlight access to the earth's surface, with the result that there will come a volcanic winter. There will be an ice age that endured people of the middle Ages. Cold will last a few decades at least.

we should say that a nuclear bomb will make all of the radioactive ash, causing the atmosphere of the planet will lose a large amount of oxygen.